Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bucket list

4AM - My Bucket List
Reader Rocmoc wrote suggesting that we travel to Xilitla and visit the home of  Edward James. Rocmoc mentioned that visiting this place was on his Bucket List.

That got me to think about my Bucket List. I believe that I began living my Bucket List while I still was recovering from cancer in 2002. And when I bought MsTioga in 2003, that was when I began to live my Bucket List.

I've been living my Bucket List ever since!

Still, I would love to go to Xilitla. But, right now I am seeking "T-Shirt and Short Pants" weather. It is raining in Xilitla. In fact, it is rainy all over this part of Mexico. That is why MsTioga and The Team are heading north and west. We want to find blue skies again.

When we check weather for Mexico, we find that it appears as though all of Mexico is rainy. Wow! Is this true?

8AM - Xilitla
After getting out of bed this morning, MsTioga and I talked about our travel plans. Since it is raining all over Mexico, and we cannot escape the rain, why not head over to Xilitla and look for adventure at Edward James place? [link]

10AM - Seeking perfection
We stopped alongside the highway for breakfast. After eating, we checked for leaks. The rain water in the rear window frame needed to be sopped up with a sponge. I did not mention to you, that yesterday rain water began leaking in from MsTioga's rear/roof.

With all the work we had done, we thought that we had eliminated all roof leaks. But we still have leaks. We will not stop trying to completely eliminate leaks. We seek perfection.

That's the thing about seeking perfection. Whether seeking moral perfection or roof perfection, a person must accept that they will likely fail, time and time again. But we never give up! We always believe that one more try will bring us the perfection that we seek.

We on the TiogaRV Team are optimists!

1:30PM - Edward James place?
We went driving very slowly down the road thru Xilitla and must have missed the signs for Edward James place. We could not find anywhere to pull over and park inside the town, except maybe for the Pemex gas station.

At the bottom of the hill [Xilitla is a hillside town], we pulled over alongside the highway to find out where to go?

2PM - The luck of Tioga!
We were just about to take off back up the hill to look for Edward James place, when we noticed an old sign that read, "Las Pozas". Just behind the sign is a little restaurant selling BBQ chickens. We walked over there and asked if there was a place for MsTioga to camp close-by. "Yes, about 1km up the hill is Edward James' Las Pozas. You are able to camp with your casa up there!"

We followed their directions. At first we did not believe that MsTioga could go up the narrow dirt road. But a lady passed by with her two grandsons. I asked her about camping, and she told me the same thing that the man at the BBQ chicken place told me.

Right at that time, a huge tour bus took off down the dirt road, and we followed that bus into the Las Pozas [Edward James place]. When the bus parked, we continued on up the road and came to a place where there were some large grass fields. We stopped there to look around.

A man came out and asked, "Are you looking for a place to camp?" Can you believe it? The man's name is Edwardo and he owns this land and a lovely home too. He rents out his land for people to camp. We are paying 80 pesos/nite to stay here.
Because of seeing this sign, we found our Nite Camp

Our Nite Camp site

Lovely flower near MsTioga

Front yard

Mostly cloudy & humid


Nite Camp in Xilitla at Edward's house
605 meters elevation [1,985 feet]