Friday, August 03, 2012


9AM - Trouble with Google Chrome
On August 1st, Google came out with a revision of their Chrome browser. And since then, we have been having bad problems with Chrome crashing. The error reports indicated that the crashing has something to do with Adobe's Flashplayer. But those reports proved to be incorrect.

Anyway, we spent a couple of hours yesterday trying to resolve this crashing, which sometimes occurred every minute! Late last nite we had enough of Chrome's crashing, and tried to use the Firefox browser. But we found that we were hooked on the Bookmark Manager of Chrome. And try as we might, we could not get the look-and-feel of Chrome's bookmarks when imported to Firefox.

So, we uninstalled the Chrome browser, and then re-installed it. And guess what? The darned Chrome is working fine again. Must have been some corrupted file somewhere.

It is amazing how many things have to be working perfectly, for us on the TiogaRV Team to be comfortable!

10AM - Ordinary things
We are doing ordinary things today. Feeding the hummingbirds. Cleaning the refrigerator. There are some screws in the window alongside the dining table that need repainting. Stuff like that!

But, we are doing these ordinary things in an extra-ordinary place. And that makes all the difference!

New Mavicita took some pics that she would like to share with you. One was of the Moon rising just before dark yesterday. Another pic is of our new kitchen faucet handles which have knobs!

Moon rising over Tequisquiapan last nite

New kitchen faucet handles

11AM - Don't go there!
I was getting ready to take a shower, and wanted some music. A CD was on Tioga's passenger seat. "Who's Greatest Hits". I opened the CD case, and there it was on top of the "Who's" disc! A CD that I removed from David's Acura car. This CD was one that David had prepared. It was a CD that was with him on that fateful last day of his life. For all that I know, David played this CD on his way up into the Sierras to end his life.

For a moment I thought to myself, "Don't play this CD! Don't go there!"

Parents who have a child who has committed suicide likely think that "If" they could have only known. "If" they could have only been there. That they could have done something. Anything! But these parents are very likely wrong. They are blessed for not having been there. Better to have the memories of your child based in your imagination.

I did listen to the CD. Songs from the 70s, 80s and some 90s. I am listening to it now. And it turned out that I am OK with it.

Some clouds