Wednesday, August 15, 2012

El Campo

8AM - Staying at El Campo Real
We have decided to stay another day at El Campo Real Hotel in the Town of Ebano. We needed our laundry to be washed, and the laundry would not be ready until this afternoon. So, why not stay? Besides, we like the swimming pool.

9AM - Extension cord short
When we were camping at Eduardo's home in Xilitla a couple of days ago, our extension cord had to be completely removed from its reel in order to reach Eduardo's electric outlet. At that time it was noticed that the extension cord was not in good condition. The plastic covering in many places was stretched. Also, there were a couple places where the wires inside the cable were exposed.

I should have immediately taken the extension cord out-of-service. But I didn't do that. Instead I kept on using the cord. Last nite at El Campo Hotel, the shore power suddenly went off. Inspection showed that the extension cord had shorted out creating an open condition. I was very lucky, because the short could have caused a fire!

I removed the bad portion of the extension cord in order to get shore power to MsTioga. But that cord should be replaced, which I will do today. Hopefully with a larger capacity extension cord of higher quality than the old cord.

4PM - Terror ahead?
I've received some email warnings about the danger of terror ahead in my travels. If Tioga and I continue east,  tomorrow we will enter the City of Tampico in the Mexican State of Tamaulipas. Our plan was to spend some time in Tampico then continue south to Veracruz. After that, go west across Mexico bound for the Pacific coast.

The warnings are that narco terrorists are causing problems in the area along the Gulf of Mexico.

I do not know at this time, whether I will hold to this plan of travel. Or, turn back retracing yesterday's trip to Ciudad Valles. Then continue west toward the Pacific Coast.

I guess I will make that decision tomorrow morning when MsTioga and I head out of the Town of Ebano.

5PM - Swimming pool
As I was enjoying the hotel swimming pool, my thoughts drifted back to my Son David's swimming pool. There is some conflict in my mind in doing this thinking.

You see, if David had lived, I would not have inherited from him the money that allows me to enjoy this swimming pool. It's not that I feel guilty about getting this money. But the idea of it is sort of incomprehensible to me.

It is strange how my life's twists and turns evolved.....
Jorge in the pool

Cloudy with Sun peaking thru