Thursday, August 23, 2012

Electric cords

9AM - Electric cords
Remember the 10AWG 3-wire cable that I bought in Ciudad Valles? Well, I have been shopping for 30 amp male and female connectors for this cable. Only 15 amp connectors are available! So, I bought a pair of these 15 amp connectors. [1 pair = 1 male and 1 female connector]

The female connector has one large blade which I believe is for the neutral [white] wire. But the male connector has no large blade to show which side is the neutral side. Normally in the USA, connectors have a silver screw to show the neutral side. Here in Mexico, all the screws of the connector are the same color.

How do I know which side is neutral in the male 3-wire connector? When I plug the male connector into the female connector, should the neutral side of the male connector insert into the neutral side of the female connector?

Seems simple, but I am confused!

10AM - San Miguel de Allende
We are thinking about meandering north to San Miguel de Allende this morning. The San Miguel RV Park is located there and we want to check it out.

Around 12 noon, we arrived in San Miguel de Allende. We plugged the GPS coordinates into our Garmin GPS, and followed the directions. But, could not find the San Miguel RV Park!

After parking MsTioga as close as we could get to where we believed the RV Park to be located, we walked to the location. Asked a dozen people. Could not find the darned RV Park.

Now we are back inside MsTioga and are going to try and locate where we are in relation to the RV Park.

PS: I see the RV Park on the map. I drove all around it with MsTioga. I cannot get in there. Could not even find an entrance. Very weird! The coordinates from Google Maps are: 20.907033,-100.749063

2:30PM - Pollo Feliz
After spending over two hours looking for this illusive RV park, I gave up. None of the neighbors know about this tennis club with an RV park. And I drove right by the entrance without seeing it. Finished with that!

I am typing this post to you from the largest Pollo Feliz restaurant that I have ever seen. Sort of reminds me of a huge McDonald's. Has a play area for kids that is larger than most restaurants.

Our plan for camping in San Miguel de Allende is to make a Nite Camp on the street where Tioga and I have camped several times before.
Tioga and George camped in San Miguel de Allende

Partly cloudy