Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fussion5 Hotel

7AM - Fussion-5 Hotel
MsTioga and The Team will be staying at the Fussion-5 Hotel from now until the day I return from my South Dakota trip next week.

The plan is to drive MsTioga around the City of León during the day to look around and do shopping. At nite we will Nite Camp at the rear of Fussion-5's parking lot where we are connected to the hotel's electric power.

8AM - Brake update
Yesterday when MsTioga left the City of Guanajuato, we noticed that for the first time in many weeks, her brakes appeared to be operating normally. The brake pedal stayed high as it usually does during braking. And I did not have to step on the brake pedal hard as I have had to do lately.

Before I posted to you about MsTioga's current brake problem, I did not understand about the "power-assist braking feature". Apparently, power-assist had not been working for several weeks. Yesterday, power-assist returned.

Do you have any ideas why power-assist would return and the brake pedal go back to a high position?

12 Noon - Grande tormenta
While we were shopping in the giant Mega store, we heard a big sound from the roof. A grande tormenta [big storm] had arrived. The sound was the rain falling on the roof. No use hurrying the shopping now. Have to wait until the rain stops in order to avoid getting soaked.

I badly need a haircut. Across the store I saw a sign that read "Estetica". That's where they cut hair. I went over and had my hair trimmed. 70 pesos. $5.40US.

The tormenta lasted for quite awhile. By around 2pm the rain appeared to be slowing, and I returned to MsTioga.

Rain storm


Location: Fussion Hotel - City of León
Elevation: 1,796 meters