Saturday, August 25, 2012

Good helper award

3AM - Good helper award
MsTioga is giving a "Good helper award" to reader Diugo for his reaching out to the TiogaRV Team. As you may know, we had given up trying to install connectors on to our new heavy duty extension cord. However, reader Diugo made several ShoutBox posts encouraging us with specific suggestions. We followed Diugo's suggestions and now have a working heavy duty extension cable!

When the cable was tested, it passed with 2-green lights! This means that the cable is wired correctly.

Thank you, Diugo!
Installed connectors

Testing cable

9AM - Driver's license
I never gave any thought about renewing my driver's license when deciding to use Americas Mailbox in South Dakota as my residence address. But my California license expires this coming November.  I am now most definitely thinking about what it means to get my South Dakota driver's license!

Flying to South Dakota from Mexico is not an easy thing to do. It may take an entire day flying, with plane changeovers, to go from Mexico to Rapid City, South Dakota.

I have racked my brain trying to think of a way around getting a South Dakota driver's license. And cannot come up with anything else.

PS: After I posted above, Geromio posted in ShoutBox about replacing my US driver's license with a Mexican driver's license. I thought about that too. But I believe this solution brings other complications.

Right now I buy USA auto insurance and Mexican liability insurance. I need a USA driver's license in order to purchase USA auto insurance. And then there is registration. If MsTioga is registered in South Dakota, and my only driver's license is Mexican, what problems will this create?

This is a complicated problem, which I have not been able to resolve on my own. That is one reason why I posted here. I am looking for a solution from you.

10AM - Restaurante Doña Sofia
My favorite restaurant in Guanjuato is Casa Valadez next to the plaza across from the Juarez Theater [link]. There is something about Casa Valadez. Maybe it's the tall windows that look out at all the people walking by? Maybe it's the ambiance, the waiters, the food? Maybe it just Guanajuato?

I was going to look for a taxi to take me to Casa Valadez, and then I thought about Doña Sofia's. This is a little restaurant right next to our Guanajuato Nite Camp and I decided to give it a try. I ordered "chiliquiles rojo with scrambled eggs. Very good!
Chiliquiles rojo with scrambled eggs

5PM - Big rainstorm!
A very big rainstorm blew in from the east. The storm cloud moved over the hills and then dropped down to where we are camped. At the height of the rain, the drops were so large that some drops sounded like stones hitting MsTioga. But they were not hail stones. Just very large rain drops!

The cloud covered Lake Olla making the lake not visible. We could not even see the wall across the street thru the cloud. Then suddenly, the rain stopped, the cloud cleared, and we could see blue sky with the clouds moving toward the northwest.

Rain storm