Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Keeping warm

8AM - Keeping warm at 8,000 feet
You may recall that we retired our "Olympian Wave 6" catalytic heater after 9 years of faithful service [link]. We bought the smaller "Wave 3" as a replacement.

Last nite was the first chance that we had to use our new Olympian Wave 3 catalytic heater when the outdoor temperature would be a challenge. It got down to 49°F last nite. But inside MsTioga, the temperature fell to only 61°F. And, the new Wave 3 was on its low setting!

We are pretty happy with our new Wave 3. We had to attach a handle board on the rear, because for some strange reason, Olympian did not provide a handle slot as they did on the Wave 6. I wonder how Olympian figured that their customers would carry a hot heater without a handle? Hmmmmm?
Handle board

2PM - Old man
What makes a guy an old man? I was thinking about that this morning when my mind turned to the choice of taking a walk or taking a nap. I chose a nap. It was about 10am when I fell asleep and 1pm when I woke up. Wow!
MsTioga this afternoon in San Joaquin

Distant clouds


Nite Camped above the Town of San Joaquin
2,456 meters elevation [8,057 feet]