Sunday, August 12, 2012

Las Pozas

8AM - Las Pozas
This morning we were planning to visit Edward James, "Las Pozas". However, the Las Pozas site appears to be very popular with Mexican tourists. When we arrived yesterday, there were four huge tourist buses parked in front. And a ton of tourists eating at the food stands.

We are thinking that a better day to visit Las Pozas would be tomorrow, Monday. There may be less tourists tomorrow. Today might be a good one to walk over to the Town of Xilitla and just look around!

The skies are threatening rain.

9AM - Touring Xilitla
I asked Eduardo's wife how far away is Xilitla. She said, "Too far to walk!' One of the other campers offered to drive me. Pretty neat, huh?

Sunday is Tiangis Day [Like farmer's market]. We began walking around the town right at the edge of the Tiangis.
We walked up the right hand street

Inside the tiangis

We came to a taco stand with an interesting sign.
Sign reads: Tongue, brains, eye, cheek, foreshank

11AM - Posada Castillo
Wandering around, we came to the house where Edward James lived with the family which we believe he married in to. Below the pic is the story behind this house which includes a bit of Edward James' history.
Hotel Castillo

4PM - A wonderful life
I would like to invite you into my really wonderful day. This afternoon I wanted to watch "Inside The Actors Studio" with Russell Crowe as the guest. MsTioga it is a bit humid. I am in the tropics, in the middle of a jungle. But! I have an electrical supply. So, I plugged in my little electric fan. And what a difference that fan made with a mild breeze moving the air around!

There I was with a fantastic internet connection that is so fast that for the entire hour that Inside The Actors Studio was playing, the video did not stall even one time.

I do not take what is happening for granted. I truly am a very lucky person. I'm visiting in Xilitla where a zillion people would love to visit. I am camping on a lovely property. Outside is a huge green lawn. The garden here is filled with tropical trees with strange flowers. Birds of different colors fly around chasing each other.

My favorite sound is quiet. It is sooooo quiet here. What more can a guy ask for than this? Hmmmm?

Sunny with clouds


Nite Camp in Xilitla at Edward's house
605 meters elevation [1,985 feet]