Sunday, August 05, 2012

Last day home camp

7AM - Last day at Home Camp
Today [Sunday], is our last full day at Home Camp for 2012. Tomorrow morning when we head out for our appointment with Cruz the Plumber, we will not be returning to Home Camp.

Where will be going next? Well, that is a good question that has not been resolved yet. We on the TiogaRV Team like to wander. So, tomorrow when we head out of Tequisquiapan, we will sort of "feel" our direction. Then, wander out that way searching for adventure!

Finding Home Camp this year has been a marvelous event for us. But this find has not been unusual. We find places that are outstanding from time-to-time. We do not know what makes a certain place special. It is a feeling that we get. And that feeling is definitely here at Home Camp.

We will miss the peacefulness of Home Camp. Especially the quiet of nite when we go to sleep. We will miss the playful hummingbirds. Who now number in the hundreds. We will miss the views from MsTioga's windows!

2PM - Pulling on heart-strings
Some years ago, my family had gotten together in Santa Cruz, California. MsTioga and I were about to head out south. Bound again for Mexico. David said to me, "What's the matter, Dad? You are looking as though you will never see me again!"

I did see David again. Many times. But David was right. I was thinking that I would never see him again. And that thought was melancholy on my mind.

That is how I am feeling right now about this lovely Home Camp. This place is pulling on my heart strings.
Our Home Camp

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