Monday, August 13, 2012

Lightning strike

2PM - Lightning strike
We are now in Ciudad Valles, 50 miles north of Xilitla.

Late yesterday afternoon, a thunder storm came in over Xilitla. We could hear the thunder getting closer. Then came a huge thunder, almost overhead! Immediately the electricity was knocked out. When the electric power returned about three hours later, the super-fast internet connection was gone. The internet was now super-slow. Impossible to do all the things to make a blog post with a connection like that. So, we have not been able to make a blog post today until we arrived in Ciudad Valles.

At 9am this morning, we checked out of our camp at Edwardo's home in Xilitla and went down the road for our tour of Las Pozas. There were no tour guides available, so we just wandered around and took pics. We took a lot of pics. And are thinking about putting them all on a separate webpage for you to see.

Click [here] to view the pics of Las Pozas that New Mavicita took today!

6PM - Air Conditioning!
It is hot and soooooo humid here in Ciudad Valles. To sleep in this humidity would be tough! There are no RV campgrounds here. So, we have made an arrangement with a hotel to provide camping space and electricity for our Air Conditioner!

This is the very first time that we have used the new A/C for cooling MsTioga. The A/C has a lot of work to do. It is 97°F outside. Inside right now, it is 92°F.

Cost to camp at Los Arcos Hotel: 200 pesos [$15.20US]

8PM - Actually getting cool inside MsTioga!
The air-conditioner has been on for two hours now. The A/C is set on "low-cool". It actually is getting to feel a bit cold inside MsTioga. This is sooooooo wonderful!

Outside at this time, it is 90°F and very humid. Inside MsTioga it is 79°F with a very low humidity! I'll be able to sleep with no problems tonite!

Cloudy-no rain