Friday, August 31, 2012

Network connection

9AM - Network connection
We began at 8am to make our first blog post. However, we could not establish a network connection to Telcel. We tried using the little Hawking dish to connect to the hotel's WiFi. No-go for that WiFi.

Finally, we decided to exclude a 3g connection and go for 2g. That worked. We do not know why most often we get a great network connection and sometimes we don't connect at all.

Now it is close to 9am, and we finally are on the net. We are grateful this morning to get any connection! We have to constantly remind ourselves how wonderful is our life. We do not want to get into the habit of expecting anything. What we strive for is to have an attitude of gratitude for everything and anything that comes our way.

Brake repair decision
We have decided to put of Tioga's brake repair until returning from the South Dakota trip. We would like to have these repairs done at the Ford dealer in the City of Tepic where the shop is large enough to accomodate MsTioga. But that Ford dealer is 400 km away.

6PM - Hotel Restaurant
I've been messing around all day inside and around MsTioga. It's getting toward supper time, and I decided to try out the Hotel Restaurant.

This hotel is pretty new, and does not have too many people staying here. I was concerned that the restaurant would not be open for lack of customers. Maybe because it is Friday, I found that there were several tables with customers.

I ordered beef arachara. The food has not arrived yet. So I am using the hotel's WiFi to make this blog post. Frankly, I do not know exactly what is "arachara". But I have eaten it before. It is sort of like very soft beef steak. Very often in Mexico, steak has a lot of gristle that is impossible to swallow. But arachara never has gristle.

Rain storm
A few minutes after I sat down in the restaurant, a rain storm began. The rain beat down on the high roof like a drum. Very, very loud! The storm only lasted about ten minutes, and then went away. Most every afternoon lately, rain storms arrive.

Rain storm


Location: Fussion Hotel - City of León
Elevation: 1,796 meters