Monday, August 06, 2012

Plumbing job

3AM - Plumbing job
The work that we want Cruz the Plumber to do this morning, is to change out MsTioga's sewer valve. We also want the ABS pipe that connects this sewer valve to the black and grey water tanks changed out.

Back in the USA this would be an easy task. Because black ABS sewer pipe and fittings are easily purchased. But here in Mexico, often buying ABS is hard to do.

There also may be a problem removing the 4" ABS pipe from the black water tank. I tried to remove this pipe last year, and could not do it. I believe that there is a "build up" of sludge on the portion of the pipe inside the tank which makes removing difficult. But Cruz the Plumber hopefully will be able to do that removal.

My appointment with Cruz the Plumber is at 9am. Before I meet Cruz, I will flush out the black water tank completely.

10AM - Cruz at work
Cruz and his brother Mario met me at the Oxxo store in Tequis. We decided to move to the very quiet street behind the Soriana Grocery. Hardly any traffic here. No problem doing plumbing work here.

When I went to jack up MsTioga with the rear levelers to give them room to work, I had some problems. Something is wrong with the electric connection. The left-rear jack lifted. But the right-rear jack did not lift. Also, when I went to move the jack after lifting. It would not move! Have to figure this problem out after Cruz finishes the plumbing job.

I asked Cruz if he would have any problems obtaining the ABS pipe and the elbow. He said that this was not a problem.
Cruz and brother Mario on-the-job

12 Noon -  Valve change-out complete!
It turned out that Cruz did not completely understand when I asked him if black ABS pipe is available in Tequisquiapan. ABS is not sold here. So, we had to use the old ABS pipe and fittings.

It was very difficult for Cruz and Mario to remove the pipe from the blackwater tank. The pipe was all covered with crud. But they worked and worked, and slowly the pipe moved. When the pipe was completely out, it was easy to see why the plumbing connection to the blackwater tank leaked. A good joint seal was impossible, because of all the crud. Cruz removed all of the hardened crud from the ABS pipe, then put a coat of silicone to seal the joint. Now the blackwater tank will not leak.

Cruz the Plumber charged me 300 pesos for this plumbing job [$23US]. I paid him 400 pesos [$30US]. He is a very good plumber.

1PM - Levelers
After pulling apart the back panel of the computer work station in order to inspect the leveler controller, I could not find any loose connections? What could be the problem? Maybe it's the master switch? Sure enough, one of the master switch cables was not connected.

After reconnecting this cable, Mr. Levelers is working great.

2PM - Where to go?
We have never explored the lands north of San Joaquin. Do you remember San Joaquin? We camped there in the park high above the town maybe in 2009 or 2010. Going up to that park sort of scared MsTioga and myself because the hill is soooooo steep!

Anyway, we are heading out of Tequisquiapan now and will likely make Nite Camp in the Town of Ezequiel Montes.

4PM - Camped in Cadereyta
After shopping at a Bodega Aurrera in the Town of Cadereyta, we found a camping place in this town. When we parked, we saw a little lake alongside the road! Very nice!

In order to update our Nite Camp Location [below], we look at the GPS coordinates in our Garmin Nuvi GPS. But this new GPS does not have the capability of showing a decimal GPS. So, we have to use a conversion calculator. Hmmmmm?
View of lake from Tioga's window

Distant clouds