Friday, August 10, 2012


7AM - Rain, rain, rain!
Rain arrived yesterday afternoon. It rained all nite. And the rain continues this morning. We do not believe that this rain is part of Tropical Depression Ernesto, because Ernesto is way south of us, maybe 300km away. But this is the rainy season. And we are in the middle of the Sierra Madre Oriental Range where lots of rain falls.

We on the TiogaRV Team do not mind a large rain like this one as we used to do. Before all of our recent roof repairs, a rain like this one would mean leaks. Close inspection has shown only one place where a minimal leak has occurred. That leak is in Tioga's rear window. This is the same window that we planned to have removed and altered at Panchito's Body Shop. When this window was installed at the Fleetwood plant where Tioga was manufactured, the cutout opening had an error. One of the upper-corners was cut too much. That is where the leak is located. The amount of water is sooooo small and is only located in the inside window frame.

We have considered driving north to get out of the storm area. But that might not be a good idea. We do not know where flooding will occur. And driving in the storm may be a bit dangerous.

7:30AM - Keeping warm
Our Wave3 catalytic heater works best when the heat is directed at something metallic which absorbs the energy and reflects the heat back into the room. In the pic below, you see Wave3 sitting on a chair and heating up the kitchen oven.

In only 10 minutes, this reflection set-up raised the inside temperature 1°F to 63°F. Outside it is 54°F and damp. We could raise the inside temp some more by changing Wave3 from his present low setting to high. But a 63°F inside temp is comfortable for now.
Heater set-up

3PM - City of Jalpan
At around 10am, we pulled out of our camp in the park above Pueblo San Joaquin. The rain at San Joaquin was relentless. And the forecast was for more rain for several days. So, MsTioga is heading north to the City of Jalpan, 75 miles distant.

The rain continued unabated for the entire trip to Jalpan. Sometimes only a light rain, but always some rain. The highway is only two lanes, one lane in each direction. Up to the top of a ridge and then down into the depths of a canyon.

When we arrived in the City of Jalpan, the rain stopped! The sky is still threatening rain. But no rain now.

4PM - Battle about heater safety
In 2003 during my first year as a vagabond, I posted in about my excitement on purchasing my Wave6 Olympian catalytic heater. I was bombarded by negative replies to my post by those who believed that these heaters should not be used in an RV.

It seems that 10 years and all of my experience with using catalytic heaters has not changed anything. The debate [in ShoutBox] continues as hot and heavy as ever!

5PM - Chinese take-out
We needed to buy limones [limes]. I am now addicted to limones. Right next to the fruit and vegetable stand is a Chinese restaurant. So, we got some take-out!

After buying this stuff, we found our Jalpan Nite Camp location. It is one block above the highway. This camp is so different than our camp in San Joaquin! It is warm here, and humid. Also, no rain.
Broccoli chicken

Solid overcast


Nite Camp in City of Jalpan
759 meters elevation [2,490 feet]