Monday, August 27, 2012

Rapid City

7AM - Rapid City, South Dakota
We have booked a flight from the City of León, Guanajuato, Mexico to Rapid City, South Dakota. As you may already know, the purpose of this trip is to obtain my South Dakota driver's license. My flight is a round trip leaving on Monday, September 3rd. Returning on Wednesday, September 5th. Before we were planning a mid-October trip. But readers warned of South Dakota snow storms in October.

Americas Mailbox [TiogaRV Team's mail forwarding service] has provided a webpage with info about obtaining the driver's license. Click [here] to read that webpage.

It took me quite awhile to do all the research necessary to make this South Dakota driver's license decision. Escapees in Texas was a close contender. But in the end, even though South Dakota is harder to get to than Texas, we chose South Dakota.

My driver's license will be good for five years. In November I will be celebrating my 75th birthday. This means when my new SD license expires in 2017, I will be very close to 80 years old. Who knows if we will even be driving by then?

8:30AM - Lucky dog!
My very close friend psyflyjon wrote an email expressing that I am a "Lucky dog" because I went to Casa Valadez yesterday morning for breakfast. Yes! That's true! I guess this means that now I am a "Double Lucky dog" because I am going again to Casa Valadez this morning for breakfast.

As we left MsTioga, New Mavicita saw that the morning weather was beautiful, and she captured the pic below to share with you.

The ambiance of Casa Valadez is so much better today than it was yesterday. The Sunday crowd changes the restaurant. Yesterday we could not sit at our favorite table as we did this morning.

We were a little surprised when breakfast arrived. The ham is sliced sandwich style, not a thick hunk of real ham. And the potatoes are shredded style, previously frozen, instead of fresh potatoes. Don't know why a fancy schmancy place like Casa Valadez would serve this stuff?
View of our Nite Camp on this lovely morning

Casa Valadez
(View from the church across the street)


Window view
(From our table)

Partly cloudy