Sunday, August 26, 2012

RV living

7AM - Acclimatized to RV living
MsTioga has been my home for coming on to ten years. Over that time, it seems that I have become more and more acclimatized to living here. I mean, I'm really comfortable inside MsTioga!

For example, take what is happening at our present camp in the City of Guanajuato. Yesterday it was rainy. So, I stayed inside MsTioga for most of the day. I made a few short walks just to stretch my legs. But that was about it. For most of the day I played around on the internet. Prepared a pot of Spanish rice. Did research about my driver's license. Took a couple of naps.

When I think about staying inside for most of the day, it seems a bit strange to me that I could like that so much. MsTioga is pretty small. Inside she is only 8 feet wide and 20 feet long. 160 square feet is all. But that amount of space seems luxurious to me.

When I consider giving up RV living, the thought of doing that is a bummer. It seems to me that RV living is keeping me young. And that if I would get an apartment or home and stay put in one place I would just wither.

8AM - Verizon again!
Verizon sent me an email this morning telling me that my bill is due. This Verizon company is just plain relentless. The people in customer service that I talk to on the phone are all the same. They are trained to do what they do, and they do not listen to me. They refuse to understand what has happened.

So, I am just plain ignoring Verizon. That will result in another stain on my already tarnished credit record.

Driver's license
After doing a lot of research about driver's licenses, I decided to get a South Dakota driver's license. This means that I will be going to South Dakota. Probably about mid-October.

Although I have in my possession a California driver's license that does not expire until this coming November, I did not realize until doing this research, that this California license is not valid. I do not live in California, and thus am not eligible for a driver's license there. So, this means that I am driving without a valid driver's license right now.

Man-O-Man! I did not intend to be in this position. But keeping stuff like the driver's license stuff straight in my head is not easy! So many laws! So many regulations!

10AM - Casa Valadez
This morning we want to go to our favorite restaurant in Guanjuato. The fancy-schmancy Casa Valadez! MsTioga moved up on to the Periphery Road in order to be close to the restaurant. We used the funicular railway to descend to the plaza where Casa Valadez is located.

Casa Valadez was packed with customers. We have never been here when it was so busy. But we got a nice table inside the restaurant with a limited view thru one of their large open windows. I ordered an omelette which arrived sliced into pieces, and laying over on its side with a skewer holding the omelette in place. This is a fancy-schmancy place and they want to be different!
Looking down at Juarez Theater and Main Plaza

Funicular railway
Juarez Theater at bottom

My omelette

3PM - To all Weng fans!
Some of Weng's readers wrote to me wondering why Weng has not posted to her blog for about a month. So, I wrote to Weng asking if she is OK?

This morning Weng made a very nice blog post telling all of her fans what is going on. Go tune into Weng's blog to find out for yourself!

Lots of clouds