Tuesday, August 07, 2012


5AM - Traveling scared
Is RVing in Mexico dangerous? If I as an RVer feel that the answer to this question is, "Yes!", than I will have a miserable time during my journey. So, what I do is change my mind around so that I am NOT traveling scared.

This is not really a hard thing for me to do. Because actually it is pretty safe to RV in Mexico. The problem is getting my mind wrapped around "feeling" safe. When I feel safe, I am able to close my eyes in bed and actually fall asleep. If I do not feel safe, I will be listening to every sound. No fun to do that!

Believing that things will go well, is most of the challenge. After that, all the rest is enjoying the trip.

10AM - Tampico
MsTioga and The Team believe that we are headed for the City of Tampico on the  coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Why do we want to go to Tampico? Hmmmmm?

Because Tampico is where Humphrey Bogart started his adventure in, "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre!" [link]

11:30AM - San Joaquin
MsTioga has pulled off the highway at the turn-off to the Pueblo San Joaquin. You may recall that a few years back, we had a very good time camping just above San Joaquin.

MsTioga gets a bit nervous when she thinks about going to that camping spot. Because the road going up there is extremely steep. MsTioga worries that if she would stall near the top of that climb, backing down the hill could be dangerous.

We are [here] now. MacBook computer notes that it is fascinating that way out here in the middle of nowhere, we are able to latch on to an internet connection thru the Telcel network.

2:30PM - Double gunned it!
MsTioga arrived at the bottom of the big hill. Then she took a deep breath and DOUBLE GUNNED IT to the top! The mighty engine slowed slightly near the crest, then breached the hill. Wow! Exciting!

It is very green around the park where we are making our Camp. Even the grass is green. We are in the middle of the tree line. So everywhere we look are pine trees. We do not see any fir trees yet.
Tioga and George in San Joaquin

Partly cloudy


Nite Camped above the Town of San Joaquin
2,456 meters elevation [8,057 feet]