Thursday, August 02, 2012


8AM - Shopping trip
Later this morning MsTioga will head out of Home Camp bound for San Juan del Rio, our closest large town to go shopping.

One of the things that we need is a new hydraulic jack. We stopped to help a motorist with a flat tire and no jack. So, we offered our jack. But our jack turned out to be one of those cheapo jacks from China. The valve must have let-go, because the jack stopped operating. We want to buy a higher quality hydraulic jack this time.

Another thing that we would like to buy is a couple of those Pony Pipe Clamps. We are going to shop for this Pony Clamp at the new Home Depot [link]. We gave Panchito at the Body Shop a pair of clamps. Panchito needed those clamps more than we did. The Pony Clamps will be much more useful for us than the clamps that we gave Panchito.

There are several other things that we are looking to buy. A shopping trip to San Juan is always a good time! Also, the Sherushi Japanese Restaurant is in San Juan!

3PM - From Shirushi!
I am typing at you from the big grill at Shirushi. The restaurant tries very hard to give the impression that customers are actually dining in Tokyo!
Sushi chef at Shirushi

4PM - What we bought!
At the Home Depot, we found the Pony Clamps that we wanted. However, they were the Mexican "Truper" brand. Look great though. Nice quality.

We went to the AutoZone for the bottle jack. Only two jacks in stock. 4 ton and 6 ton. We picked the 4 ton. Looked like the same low quality Chinese bottle jacks that we have been buying. These were from Taiwan.

We also bought new handles for the kitchen sink faucet. The original handles had nothing to hold onto and when I had soapy hands, difficult to turn off. The new handles have four large knobs.
Truper clamps

8PM - Cactus garden
We transplanted our cactus garden. The cactus plants were purchased in small cans and pots. Now they are in the earth surrounded by a mini-rock border.

We have tried planting in the Earth before. In June, 2003 we camped along the Illinois River in Southwest Oregon. This was our first really great campsite. We returned to the Illinois River many times. One day we decided to plant a tree there. However, about a year later when we returned, we found that the Forest Service had constructed a toilet on our tree site. What a disappointment!

We wonder if our cactus garden will still be here at Home Camp when we return?
Our little cactus garden

Blue sky - distant clouds