Monday, August 20, 2012

Sierra Madres

7AM - Traveling in the Sierras
In Mexico, the Sierra Madres are several mountain ranges. To me, the Sierra Madres are a huge rise of somewhat continuous elevation going completely across the interior of Mexico. Where MsTioga travels in the Sierras, we are nearly always over 1,000 meters. This means cooler temperatures. Less humidity.

We are traveling in the Sierras now. Heading west. We very likely will reach the City of Pachuca today, which is about an hour's drive north of Mexico City.

Since we left our Home Camp in Tequisquiapan on August 6th, we have traveled in a big loop. We've gone all the way east to the Gulf of Mexico. And we have not been attacked by the dreaded terrorists! Not yet, anyway!

10AM - The forest!
The toll road [Mex 132D] that MsTioga is traveling this morning cuts right thru a gorgeous pine tree forest. Bridges cross arroyos so deep, that the rivers that flow at the bottom can barely be seen. This place is breath taking. Just beautiful.

By mid-morning it was time for breakfast. We stopped at a Pemex gas station with a huge truck parking area and made a 1/2 sandwich of roast chicken. It is strange how I am not able to eat big amounts of food anymore as I used to eat. The less I eat now, the better that I feel.

Elevation is really high here! 2,199 meters!
Tioga and Jorge at the Pemex

5PM - Actopan Nite Camp
We have made our Nite Camp in a residential neighborhood in the City of Actopan. A short while before arriving in Actopan, we passed from a pine tree zone to a desert zone. Both of these zones are green, but the one with pine trees is a deep green. The desert zone is a pale green. Almost a blue-green.

New Mavicita took some pics which she would like to share with you. One pic was captured from the highway, looking down at a farm with a gorgeous view beyond.

The second pic is of an advertising sign for a hotel. The words are in Spanish. But we are guessing that you will be able to figure out the meaning behind this advertisement!
Gorgeous view of farm

Hotel advertising sign

Cloudy with Sun peaking thru


Location: City of Actopan Nite Camp
Elevation: 2,022 meters