Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Spreading fear

5AM - Spreading fear
It seems that I have posted several times about fear in recent weeks. Yesterday, a ShoutBox poster warned about "unwelcome guests" if we continue to camp in the same site here in Guanajuato. During the late evening, a Guanajuato police patrolman on foot knocked on MsTioga's door to warn about bad people around here.

I do not know why people spread fear stories? Do those stories affect me? Yes, they do affect me. When I hear such stories, I have to beat back the emotional response that such stories bring up in my mind.

But there is danger everywhere. There is even danger in the very next second. Because, who knows what the next second may bring to your life? Are we to just sit there, quivering with fear, because of what the next second may bring?

We all know that something is coming. Some sickness. Some evil. Some disaster may come our way. Someday. But likely not to-day.

9AM - MsTioga's brakes
We have left Guanajuato and headed west and are in the City of León. There is something going on with MsTioga's brakes. In the past, we never have had to add any brake fluid. But lately, every 3 or 4 weeks, we have been adding brake fluid. We cannot find where the brake fluid is going? None of the brake cylinders on the wheels show signs of a leak. And there is no leak that we can see from the master cylinder either.

So, we are here in the City of León hoping to find a Ford dealer that is able to check out MsTioga's brakes. We are here also to find a place where MsTioga may stay safely during next week's trip to South Dakota.

11AM - GPS danger!
If you are an experienced RV driver, you may know that blindly following your GPS's directions could get you into a lot of trouble. Sometimes your GPS may lead you into a street that turns out to be too narrow to drive!

We were very concerned when our GPS led us into El Centro district of the City of León. So, we had to be very careful where MsTioga drove. When we finally came to the place where the Ford dealer was supposed to be located, there was NO Ford dealer there!

We had to abandon our search for Ford. There is no place in El Centro for Tioga to park and ask for directions. Instead we went looking for someplace where we could park even if was away from the Ford dealer. We came to a Burger King with a large parking lot! Hmmmmm!?

I bought a Whopper. When a guy has difficulties, it is a good thing to eat a Whopper!

12 Noon - Grease Monkey
Besides having her brakes checked out, MsTioga needs to have her oil changed. A lube job too. We were driving along and guess what we saw ahead? A Grease Monkey service station. We learned about Grease Monkey from our friend Mauricio Gonzalez who lives in León. Grease Monkey is like a Jiffy Lube.
Tioga at Grease Monkey

3PM - Fussion-5 Hotel
After the Grease Monkey, we tried to rent space at a couple of hotels. But they were not interested. We came to the Fussion-5 Hotel, and made a deal for space at the rear of their parking lot. Electricity too.

300 pesos/nite. More expensive than other hotels that we stayed at during our trip to the Caribbean. It appears that the City of León is more expensive.



Location: Fusion Hotel - City of León
Elevation: 1,796 meters