Thursday, August 09, 2012


8AM - The storm
Tropical Storm Ernesto appeared for awhile to be heading directly toward the TiogaRV Team. But now we see in the online weather map, that Ernesto will pass south of us. We also see in the weather map, that south and east of our present location, that it is rainy, lots of thunder storms.

When we leave our camp at this wonderful park in the Pueblo of San Joaquin, we will likely not head toward the Gulf of Mexico and the City of Tampico. Being that our prime-directive is "seek T-shirt & short pants weather", we will head north a bit and then west.

9AM - The young people
Early this morning, around 4:30am, I was awakened by music, voices and laughter. Looking out from MsTioga's window, I saw three vehicles and about 10-15 young people. They were having a wonderful time.

From what I could understand by listening to their conversation, they had come from different locations and had chosen this park as a meeting place. They were going to camp together here in the mountains.

As you may know, I have come to really like the "live and let-live" cultural attitude of the Mexican people. These young people did not restrain their joy that came to them from meeting up with each other. Instead, they laughed, talked and played music without concern that they might wake someone up because of the early hour.

This world would be a better place, it seems to me, if everybody would adopt this "live and let-live" attitude.

12 Noon - Blue sky turned cloudy
By mid-morning the sky was a solid cloud cover. We still have Mr. Wave3 on his low setting, because without heat, it would be too cold for comfort inside MsTioga.

I'm thinking about taking a walk up the road to the crest of the hill. There is a little grocery store up there. Might pick up some snack food. Peanuts or something.

Solid cloud cover


Nite Camped above the Town of San Joaquin
2,456 meters elevation [8,057 feet]