Friday, August 24, 2012

Street camping

7AM - Street camping
Now that MsTioga and I have a bunch of recent RV Park camping experiences, we are better able to compare street camping with RV Park camping. There is no doubt that RV Park camping is more comfortable than street camping because of the electric power and sewer facilities available. Also, the security is very comforting.

However, the huge amount of street camping experience that we have gives us a great deal of flexibility. There are many, many places where RV parks do not exist. And since we understand street camping so well, we are able to stay in these places safely.

Our street camp here in San Miguel de Allende is one example. The City of Guanajuato, where we will be going later today, is another example. The RV Park in Guanajuato is well away from the center of town. But we will be street camping inside the city center either near the Presa de Olla or up above the town on the periphery road.

11AM - Stripped connector screw!
While on the road to the City of Guanajuato, we stopped alongside the highway to prepare breakfast. During breakfast we watched some videos. After breakfast, I decided to complete the wiring of the connector on our new 10AWG cable. And guess what happened? One of the screws in a connector stripped out! Darn! Don't you hate it when stuff like this happens?

These connectors are not the greatest quality. Now I'll have to shop for new ones.
Breakfast on the road to Guanajuato

4PM - Presa de la Olla
We have made a camp across the road from Presa de la Olla [Olla Reservoir] in the City of Guanajuato. If click on our "Location" below and zoom in, you may be able to get a satellite view of Olla Lake.

When we were here last, Mr. Datastorm was used to connect to the internet and that connection was sort of touchy. We are close to the hill and a line-of-sight to the satellite was sometimes hard to obtain. Now with our tiny Telcel USB Modem stick, connecting to the internet is soooooo easy! Telcel's connection is pretty fast too!
MsTioga at Presa de la Olla

Mostly cloudy