Friday, August 17, 2012


7AM - Tampico
The City of Tampico to me is very different than the town Humphrey Bogart was in during the 1920s. Tampico is a very large city. For me, it is difficult to understand exactly where I am when driving around. Even with my GPS! Because of the geography, many streets are not perpendicular to each other. As a result, going around the block may take me in a different direction than intended.

Since going thru the central historical area got me stopped by the transit police yesterday, it is necessary to avoid the center of the city. This means driving around it, and not really knowing where I am going.

I tried to go to the beach yesterday, but was turned back by a sign stating, "No heavy vehicles".

8AM - New shore-power cable
Yesterday as I was leaving the Town of Ebano, a hardware store caught my eye. We want to replace our old 14AWG extension cord that connects to shore-power. Remember that this cord shorted out because it was in bad condition.

This hardware store had a supply of 10AWG cable. Hard to find in Mexico. So, I bought 30 meters thinking to make two or three small length extension cords. But we need to put 3-wire connectors on the ends of this new cable. Might be a bit difficult to find these connectors.

In the meanwhile, the old 14AWG is working fine for now. Does not even get warm during use.

Staying in Tampico?
When we were thinking about going to Tampico, we thought that maybe we would remain here for a few days. Looking around. Searching for adventure.

But Tampico has proved to be a bit too challenging for MsTioga and myself. Too large. Too many transit cops here. We were stopped yesterday by a second transit cop. Two uniformed guys in a patrol car. They were only concerned about where we were going. Not about enforcing any traffic rules.

But we are not happy with all of this cop encounter business and the hugeness of the city. So, we are heading south out of Tampico this morning. We have also had thoughts about heading west in order to avoid weather systems in the southwest Gulf of Mexico.

11AM - Breakfast stop
We stopped to prepare breakfast in the highway Town of Ozuluama. Made a fried taco with refried beans, cheese, onions and salsa. Also a dish of strawberries.

It has been raining all thru this morning's trip. Sometimes moderate rain. Sometime light rain.
Breakfast on-the-road

3PM - Nite Camp in Cerro Azul
I went to two hotels for a Nite Camp. The first hotel looked very successful. But they were not much interested in renting electricity. The second hotel had no customers. But the owner was very interested in renting electricity. He himself hooked up a duplex outlet for us to plug into.

We are in the backyard of the hotel, well away from the busy highway.