Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trip review

7AM - Trip review
What did we learn from this round-trip to the Gulf of Mexico? Well, one thing we learned was not to drive thru the center of town with MsTioga! Actually we already understood about the center of town. We just forgot. But we had the opportunity to do this correctly when we passed thru the City of Pachuca a few days ago.

The highway was taking us directly to the center of Pachuca when we decided not to go there. In the Guia-Roji map atlas, we saw a periphery road on the south side of Pachuca. We came to a roundabout that allowed us to back track and follow this periphery road road around the city center.

Another thing that we learned is to keep an eye on weather reports. We got sort of lucky with Tropical Storm Helene which veered north to pass us by during one very rainy nite while we were camped at a hotel. Speaking about hotels, we also learned that hotels in Mexico were very interested in providing us with a parking space and electric power for about 1/2 the price of a room.

MsTioga and I do not know how to analyze crime in Mexico or how that crime will directly affect us. We do understand that crime can happen, but it is rare. So, we try very hard not to worry about it.

8AM - Why didn't we return to Home Camp?
We already said good bye to all of our friends in Tequisquiapan. Told them that we would see them again next spring time. To return now only weeks after leaving, and then leave again after a day or so seemed weird. So, that is why we did not return.

12 Noon - Juriquilla RV Campground
We just set-up at the Juriquilla RV Campground located in the northern part of the City of Queretaro.l We paid 200 pesos for one nite. But may remain here for two nites. Depends on how quiet and restful this campground is for us.

MsTioga needs a really good washing from all of her travels on muddy highways. Her back window is hard to see thru, with all of the grime.
Washing Tioga

Some clouds and Sun