Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tropical Storm Helene

8AM - Tropical Storm Helene
Late yesterday afternoon, it appeared that Tropical Storm Helene was heading directly toward MsTioga! However, Helene veered north and decided to track parallel to the Gulf Coast. An edge of Helene passed over our Camp yesterday evening dumping a ton of rain.

This morning Tropical Storm Helene is located almost directly north of our location, heading toward Tampico.

9AM - Heading south
We are not sure how far south along the Gulf Coast that MsTioga will travel? Our plan was to visit Veracruz. But that plan is tentative now. We may turn westerly later today upon reaching the City of Poza Rica.

We would like to be traveling thru the heights of the Sierras where it is much less humid. MsTioga and I experienced using the air conditioner and staying at hotels for electric power. And this experience worked out well.

12 Noon - Tuxpam
We entered the Town of Tuxpam (Pop 145,000) just to look around. Maybe to find a little store to shop? Maybe a restaurant? We were just about to turn around and head south for the City of Poza Rica, when we saw a  sign sticking above the jungle's tree-line. Wal*Mart!

We are in the parking lot now. Going to shop right after making this post!

2PM - Our first Gulf of Mexico Camp!
After shopping at the Wal*Mart, MsTioga headed out to find La Playa [beach]. We were driving alongside a wide river which serves as the Tuxpam Harbor.

We drove and drove and drove. Finally, we came to La Playa where we made a deal with Cuca, a very nice lady who owns a restaurant and rents cabanas out to vacationers. We rented space and electricity for 200 pesos [$15.40US]. Not a bad price for a place on the beach!

This is our very first Gulf of Mexico Camp! Man-O-Man!
Fishing fleet in Tuxpam Harbor

Gulf of Mexico Camp
Do you see the water?

7PM - Everywhere is home
I am pretty sure I wrote before that everywhere MsTioga and I go together is home. But it is worth repeating because that feeling of "home" is sooooo important for me.

MsTioga began being my home in February, 2003. It is coming on to the anniversary of our 10th year together. A little while ago I prepared supper and was watching a "Dirty Harry" Clint Eastwood movie while I ate. After the movie, I was thinking about how comfortable I felt here inside MsTioga.

Here I am on the Gulf of Mexico coast and I feel like I am home. Incredible!

Mostly cloudy


Location: Tuxpam Playa at Cuca's Restaurant
Our first Gulf of Mexico Camp