Wednesday, August 01, 2012


9AM - Voices from the past
In the mid-1950s I bought a reel to reel tape recorder. It was a big thing. Stood about 18" high when the reels were attached.

My friends and I used to get a kick out of phoning somebody up and getting them to say something during the phone call that might be embarrassing and record the conversation. One of those friends, who is still a friend of mine today, asked me to send him copies of certain audio files.

So this morning I was listening to copies of those old tape recordings. It seems to me that voices from the past are much more touching and poignant than photos. Voices really get to the heart of a person.

I am thinking about collecting voice recordings of my friends and relatives.

2PM - Home Camp happenings
So, what has been happening around Home Camp this fine day? Well, I took a nice 2-hour nap. Then browsed around the internet. When the shadow arrived in front of MsTioga, I went outside to look at the scenery and especially at the hummingbird antics!

You know something, when we think about the many places that we've camped, this Home Camp is just about the most peaceful and beautiful of all.
Tioga and Jorge at Home Camp

4PM - Aticama
Wow! It's August already! Wonder what is happening in the Pueblo of Aticama?

Yes, it is getting closer to the time when the TiogaRV Team will head out towards the west. It has been awhile since reaching into our map cabinet for the Guia-Roji "Highways of Mexico". This wonderful Atlas had a layer of dust on the cover.

I thumbed thru the Atlas looking at some of the colonial cities thru which that we will be traveling. San Miguel de Allende, Dolores Hidalgo and fabulous Guanajuato! We will head towards the Pacific Coast where we will spend our winter in Pueblo Aticama.

Dave Dods is living in Aticama. He is staying in Francisco and Weng's Hill Top Home. Did you know that Dave Dods publishes a blog? Dave is a really good writer. Click [here] to read about what Dave Dods is doing now.

5PM - Sewing box
I was outside doing some sewing repairs on a straw hat. The needle and thread are kept in a sewing box. My Dad bought a box of cigars in 1946, according to the date on the tax stamp. That's 66 years ago! My Mom turned the wood cigar box into a sewing box. It is really a nice wood box too. Has a drawer.

As I sewed the hat repair, I was thinking about those days so long ago. When my Dad bought the cigars. When my Mom and Dad still lived together in City Terrace [East Los Angeles]. They could not have imagined that sometime in the distant future, this box would be residing in Central Mexico. And that their son Georgie would be living here. Camping here in this lovely spot. And using that cigar box for his own sewing box.

My Dad was pretty technical. A tool engineer. Worked for Douglas Aircraft. But even with his technical background, I bet that my Dad would be amazed to see me typing at a tiny computer, connected to a vast internet. And posting about him wirelessly to 1000s of readers.

My Dad's birthday is October 12th. He would be 100 years old this year. My Mom's birthday is March 14th. She would be 99 now.
The sewing box

Distant clouds