Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wonderful camp

8AM - Wonderful camp!
We love our wonderful camp on the periphery road in Guanajuato! When sitting at MsTioga's dining table, we have a lovely view looking out thru the window. The street where we are camping has some traffic, but not too much. At nite the traffic on this street is almost nothing. Very easy to sleep here.

I know that you will think this is crazy, but I am going to Casa Valadez for breakfast this morning. Yes! Again! Third breakfast at Casa Valadez in a row! May as well take advantage of this opportunity to eat there while in Guanajuato.

BTW, this is the first completely blue sky that we have seen for many weeks!
View from MsTioga's window

11AM - Casa Valadez Men' Room
Our good friend Pete Olson yearned to view again the Casa Valadez Men's Room with its elegant features. So, New Mavicita went in there and captured those pics to share with you and with Pete!
Too gorgeous to use?

Wash your hands here?

Clear blue sky