Sunday, August 19, 2012


8AM - Worrying
Thru long experience I've found that worrying does not accomplish anything. Except to ruin the enjoyment of today. Back in July, 2003, Tioga and I were unsure of a lot of things. Did we make the right choice in choosing the  vagabonding life? We were not even sure about finding a nite camp every nite! And worried about this. Can you imagine that? Hmmmmm?

That was when we sat ourselves down and composed "My Creed", an old yellowed by age note which is taped to MsTioga's toilet door.
My Creed

My Creed note
I've written about "My Creed" many times before. Why now? Because it is good for me to review what My Creed means at this time. Good for me, and good for those readers who worried about my present travels.

12 Noon - Crooks
When we arrived in the Town of Poza Rica, a traffic cop on foot waved MsTioga over. When this guy asked me where I was going, I did not like his attitude. If I actually commit an infraction, I don't mind playing ball with these guys. But if they are just fishing, forget it.

I asked this cop why he wanted to know where I was going. He got a little testy, and asked me again where I was going. So, I also got testy too and asked him again why he wanted to know. When he asked me a third time, I told him that I was going "here" [meaning Poza Rica]. Then he waved me on.

A couple of blocks later, another traffic cop on foot waved MsTioga over. I slowed a bit, and when I saw him in the rear view mirror, just kept on going.

I do not like to be judgmental. Calling these cops crooks is exactly that. I am judging them to be crooked. But sometimes a guy has to listen to his inner-voice.

4PM - Huauchinango
We knew as we left Poza Rica that we were heading into the Sierras. But we had no idea that today we would reach an elevation over 1,500 meters! We left sea-level only this morning! No problem with humidity here!

Cloudy - no Sun


Location: Huauchinango on the street
Elevation: 1,539 meters