Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Writing blog

Writing a blog
Over the years I've received many emails from readers asking for advice about writing a successful blog. I do not know how to answer these emails. Because I do not know what makes a blog successful. However, I am able to share with you what goes on in my mind about writing my blog.

First thing, I love to write my blog. I guess that is why I have been writing "The Adventures of Tioga and George" for almost 10 years.

One of the things that I believe makes a good blog is to write very short daily posts. Most readers do not like long posts. At least I do not like them. It is not necessary to explain everything to the last detail. Readers understand what is going on. Best to let readers figure out somethings for themselves.

I also love to publish using HTML code. I've written my own blog template, and know how to use it to publish what I need using that code. For example, my AdSense advertisements are placed where I want them in the exact way that I want them to appear. I do not use Blogger's tools but go directly into the template code in order to make changes.

I do not use Bloggers tools to publish my pics. My pics are uploaded to my own website. And I use an HTML code template in order to publish pics to my blog. I do not like for my pics to be hosted by Blogger, because Blogger lost about six months worth of my pics back in 2003. My webhost has never lost even one of my pics.

Being open: I believe that one of the most important things about blogging, is to be unafraid to be open and honest about yourself. Revealing the "inner you" to your readers is not only interesting to them, but it is good for you too!

9AM - Roof leaks
Yesterday afternoon, I went up on MsTioga's roof to try and determine where the roof is leaking. I am not sure if I mentioned, but recently after a rainstorm began, rain began leaking from the area of our new vent. When I inspected the vent, it was clear that the rain could not be entering from that area.

But, the junction box where the solar panel's cable went down into MsTioga from the roof was suspect! The cable was resting on the solar panel support which is higher than the junction box. Rain water could possibly gather on the cable and drip down inside MsTioga!

So, I moved the cable so that it is resting on the roof and is now below the junction box. Last nite there came a rain storm which lasted several hours. No leaks! I am going up on Tioga's roof this morning and seal up the entrance holes to the junction box.

A kind of dilemma!
Because of the roof leak, we were planning on heading north and west bound for desert country in order for MsTioga to be in a less rainy environment. However, if the roof leak is now resolved, we are free to travel and explore in the rainy area of Mexico. Tampico, Veracruz. Places like that.

This is an interesting time for us. It will take a bit of courage to head deliberately into rainy weather. Before, you may recall, we always headed for "T-shirt & short pants" weather.

Now with our air-conditioner and most likely, a leak-free roof, we are free to head out with less restraints!
Roof junction box

3PM - Ebano
MsTioga arrived in the Town of Ebano. We plan to spend the nite here. We asked to stay at "El Campo Hotel". But the desk clerk, a young lady, did not have authority to rent space to an RV. We may go back later to El Campo Hotel.

We had to do some battery service. The very humid conditions caused the starter battery connection to suffer. Very common thing. We disconnected the terminals, sprayed with Caig DeOXit [link] and now the engine starts right up!

5PM - El Campo Real Hotel
We are staying at El Campo Hotel. This hotel is very nice. As you may see in the pic below, there is a very lovely swimming pool here! Right after I make this post, I am going in for a dip!

Renting space costs money. But we have decided that it is safer and more comfortable to rent to rent space rather than camp on the street. And, we have air-conditioning too!

Cost: 200 pesos [$15.40US].
Tioga at El Campo Real Hotel

Mostly cloudy and humid