Sunday, September 30, 2012

Favorite icon

6AM - Favorite icon
A few years ago MsTioga and I got to thinking that our website deserved to have its own Favorite Icon. So, created one. Our favorite icon is a tiny "TG" image and it looks like this:

If you have your own website, you may have found that a person must be a fanatic about maintaining a website. We on the TiogaRV Team must constantly check that the pages of our website work with all three of the major browsers: Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Google's Chrome and Firefox.

A few days ago our friend Pete Olson posted in ShoutBox that our TG icon was not appearing in the tab of his browser. We checked out Pete's complaint and found that sure enough, our TG icon was not visible in the Firefox browser. Instead Blogger's favorite icon replaced our TG icon.

Ever since that day when Pete wrote about our missing TG icon, we have been working to get that favorite icon back. And this morning we did it!

Do you see our little in your browser?

7:30AM - MsTioga stuck fast in mud!
MsTioga is really stuck in the mud at Tacho's RV Park. I do not consider extracting MsTioga to be my responsibility since the staff directed me to park here.

So, we will be asking for Tacho's to supply a tow truck to get us out of the mud. What is your opinion? Should we bear this responsibility or is Tacho's RV Park responsible?

3PM - Tacho pull-out tomorrow
Tacho RV Park is going to use one of their vehicles to pull-out MsTioga from being stuck in the mud. That pull-out will happen tomorrow morning.

I agreed to camp at Tacho's for two days. The cost to stay here is 330 pesos/day [$25.41US].

Partly cloudy


Location: Tacho's RV Campground
Elevation: 18 meters

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Heading north

7AM - Heading north
This morning MsTioga and The Team will be pulling out from our camp at Boca Beach and heading north. We have been at Boca Beach for five days. And our time here has been mostly pleasant except for perhaps when the storm arrived. We had to stay inside during the storm.

At the beginning of the storm, MsTioga moved away from the beach in order to get away from strong wind. The many palm trees served as a wind-break, so we moved to the back of Boca Beach. Then came the rain and flooding. The storm did not knock out Boca Beach's electric power.

This morning the flooding remains, but the storm seems to have passed us by.

4:34PM - Tacho's in Puerto Vallarta
We are camping in Tacho's RV Park in Puerto Vallarta. Tacho's located on the same road where WalMart and Sam's Club are located.

When we backed into our camping space, MsTioga got stuck in the mud. There has been a lot of rain here. Hopefully, MsTioga will be able to drive out of the mud when it is time to leave!

7:30PM - Chinese, snacks, swimming pool
After we set-up at Tacho's, I walked over to a Chinese buffet across the street. Very good buffet. Food is fresh!

After eating, I went over to the WalMart and bought some snacks for tonite. Then returned to MsTioga and went for a dip into Tacho's swimming pool. Very nice!



Location: Tacho's RV Campground
Elevation: 18 meters

Friday, September 28, 2012


9AM - The storm
The storm whose wind drove us off the beach yesterday afternoon caused a lot of rain to fall during the nite. Around 3am this morning, the heavy rain diminished to occasional showers. The storm has passed us by, heading northwest.

10AM - Boca Beach website
Reader RocMoc emailed that Boca Beach where we are camping has its own website. Click
[here] to read Boca Beach.

There is an English link at the upper right.

3PM - Rain, rain, rain, rain and more rain
There has been so much rain over the last couple of hours, that the field around MsTioga is now a lake. Wow!



Location: Boca Beach RV Campground
Elevation: 16 meters

Thursday, September 27, 2012


9AM - Pics
Do you remember Angel and Del who built a palapa at El Chaco? An email arrived telling that our Boca Beach campsite was Angel's favorite camping place. Angel asked that we publish more pics so that she could see how things are here.

So, right after we publish this blog post, New Mavicita and I are going out to take a bunch of pics.

Boca de Iguanas RV camp
(Now closed)

Boca Beach entrance

House above Boca de Iguanas

Hotel Bocas de Iguanas

Recharging Telcel modem stick
This morning a message arrived from Telcel that our WiFi service had run out of time. It is necessary to recharge in order to go online.

Fortunately, we now have a BofA credit card and are able to go on to the Telcel site to buy more WiFi time. We used to always go to an Oxxo store to do this recharging. But there is no Oxxo near Boca Beach.

4PM - Very windy
The wind has been strong for several hours. Is there a storm off the Mexican Pacific Coast? I cannot see a storm in the online weather maps?

5PM - Wind made us move!
Wind coming in from the bay got strong. The wind driven sand stung my skin. So, MsTioga moved away from the beach about 100 meters.

This move made a huge difference. The palm trees are barely moving at our new camp site towards the rear of Boca Beach.

  Lots of clouds


Location: Boca Beach RV Campground
Elevation: 16 meters

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Iguanas walk

9:30AM - Walking to Boca de Iguanas
This morning's walk is to the Boca de Iguanas resort. We want to explore over there, and find out if the rumors that Boca de Iguanas Resort is closed are true or not. The lady who runs the little grocery store across from Boca Beach tells us that the Iguanas Resort is open. We will find out for ourselves.

We like staying at Boca Beach. MsTioga is the only RV in the park. But that does not seem to bother us. In fact, we like that we are the only ones here. We also liked our week's stay at Chimulco Aquatic Park and there were hardly any RVs there either.

Our favorite sound is silence. Or maybe the sound of Mother Nature.

12 Noon - The straight scoop!
We just returned from our walk to find out what is going on in the Boca de Iguanas area. Apparently the hotel is open, but the RV campground is closed. The guard at the entrance to Boca de Iguanas told us that there was a complaint about the RV campground from the man who owns the hotel. Subsequently, the RV campground was closed.

At Boca Beach Resort where we are staying now, they have a reservation system which allows their customers to place a hold on a particular camp site. According to Aurora the manager of Boca Beach, many customers have been reserving space for over 20 years! During the prime months from October thru March, the cost of staying at Boca Beach includes a rental charge, a palapa charge and an electrical use fee.

Since MsTioga is staying here during a non-prime month, we are paying only the rental charge less a 20% discount. We pay no charge for Camp Site #6 which is right off the beach nor do we pay a palapa charge. This comes to 224 pesos/nite for MsTioga.

7PM - Fear
A little while ago a man began setting up a small tent. His name is Carlos and his location is a couple of sites away from MsTioga. Carlos was having trouble setting up his tent, and I went over there to help.

We got to talking about various things. Carlos is a lawyer who lives in Guadalajara. He looks to be in his early 60s. Carlos brought up the subject of danger in Mexico. And mentioned that it might be dangerous for him to camp in a tent here because there is little protection when sleeping in a tent.

When I hear stories about fear, I have be cautious not to let the infection that fear may bring to enter my mind.

Partly cloudy


Location: Boca Beach RV Campground
Elevation: 16 meters

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bay bath

7:30AM - Bathing in the bay
I just got back from bathing in the bay. The water is a temperature where I may just walk right in and not be shocked by the temperature at all. When I float around out there, the waves which are constantly coming in knock me around a bit. But that's not too bad.

The sky is completely covered in clouds. No rain. In fact, this has been the very first time in months where we did not experience rain during the nite time. It is sort of misty and mysterious looking out across the water of the bay.

After making this blog post, I am walking down the beach to see what "Boca de Iguanas", the next-door neighbor RV park looks like.

9:30AM - Boca de Iguanas
According to the Church book, the Boca de Iguanas campground is just down the road from where we are camping at Boca Beach. However, the road ends at what appears to be a swamp or estuary. I crossed this body of water at a shallow place, and did not see anything going on at Boca de Iguanas.

In fact, there is hardly anything going on all over this area. Not right now, anyway. There are signs along the paved road advertising two hotels. Whoever owns these hotels must be incredibly optimistic!

Across the road from Boca Beach is a small grocery store. Milk, bread, tortillas and a lot of chips and sodas are sold at this store.

Close to the shore of the bay is a lone fisherman. This fisherman appears to have the entire bay to himself! I am going to have to figure out how to buy fish here at Boca Bay.
Lone fisherman

11AM - Incredible things
I've just finished breakfast [bowl of cereal], cleaned the kitchen, straightened up MsTioga. Now I'm outside under the ramada/palapa with MacBook Pro posting to you.

I'm thinking about the in incredible things that are part of my life. Of course MsTioga is a miracle. My home on wheels which is a highly developed way of living. But there is more! Our Sirius/XM Radio works marvelously and we are only 19° north of the equator!

We are connected to the fabulous internet by the wonderful infracture of TelMex/Telcel. And the miraculous development of the tiny WiFi USB stick. These are incredible things! Remember when we were using a huge antenna and HughesNet to get online? Wow! Telcel and the WiFi stick are soooooo much better!

I look around me at the beauty and peacefulness of this place. I am such a lucky guy!



Location: Boca Beach RV Campground
Elevation: 16 meters

Monday, September 24, 2012

Leaving Manzanillo

6AM - Leaving Manzanillo
It may seem odd, but the main reason that I'm in Manzanillo is to dine at Señor Sushi. And guess what? Señor Sushi is closed for remodeling! Darn!

When I first visited Señor Sushi on the day arriving in Manzanillo, I had thought that they told me the restaurant was closed for a private party. But I misunderstood. When I returned the next day, I was told the restaurant was closed for remodeling. So, there is no reason to remain in Manzanillo.

We will head north this morning, looking for RV campgrounds near Melaque.

8AM - Blogging is therapy
Did you note that in yesterday's blog post, "12 Noon - Hotel Marbella", that I had a little snit?

After I make a post where I behave in a way that I do not wish to behave, re-reading that post is therapy for me. What a gift blogging is for me!

1PM - Boca Beach RV Campground
MsTioga just finished setting up at Site #6 at Boca Beach. We checked out the electric voltage. 125 volts AC. MsTioga is the only RV camping here right now!

We have not paid any money yet and will report here what the cost is. The lady who greeted us speaks pretty good English. She mentioned that electricity is extra and the cost of electric power depends on how much we use.  But we do not know about that! Seems like a negotiating ploy. How do they know how much electricity is used at each site?

2PM - Electric meters at Boca Beach
Aurora is the lady managing Boca Beach. I asked Aurora to show me the electric meters. And guess what? There is an entire bank of electric meters. One for each camp site! No negotiating ploy!

The daily cost for our camp site is 224 pesos [$17.24US] plus electric power. Not a bad price for a beach side location as lovely as this one!

We have a hunch that that Camp site #6 is likely reserved for the winter months when the demand for space here may be extreme.
MsTioga at Site #6-Boca Beach

3PM - Air conditioning not needed today!
Well, are we surprised! There is a constant offshore breeze here at Site #6 of Boca Beach. And that breeze provides the feeling of low humidity.

We turned the air conditioning off about an hour ago, and do not feel the need for A/C at this time. Isn't that something?
Jorge at Boca Beach

7:30PM - Sundown for the hunter
The sun is setting behind the hills to the west of the bay. But the bird in front of our camp site will not quit hunting. This bird has a very successful strategy for finding food.

When the tide is in, the bird searches the shallow water. And then the bird strikes! Some of the bird's catches are large. We are able to see them from our place on the beach. But most are small.
The hunting bird

Lots of clouds


Location: Boca Beach RV Campground
Elevation: 16 meters