Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bay bath

7:30AM - Bathing in the bay
I just got back from bathing in the bay. The water is a temperature where I may just walk right in and not be shocked by the temperature at all. When I float around out there, the waves which are constantly coming in knock me around a bit. But that's not too bad.

The sky is completely covered in clouds. No rain. In fact, this has been the very first time in months where we did not experience rain during the nite time. It is sort of misty and mysterious looking out across the water of the bay.

After making this blog post, I am walking down the beach to see what "Boca de Iguanas", the next-door neighbor RV park looks like.

9:30AM - Boca de Iguanas
According to the Church book, the Boca de Iguanas campground is just down the road from where we are camping at Boca Beach. However, the road ends at what appears to be a swamp or estuary. I crossed this body of water at a shallow place, and did not see anything going on at Boca de Iguanas.

In fact, there is hardly anything going on all over this area. Not right now, anyway. There are signs along the paved road advertising two hotels. Whoever owns these hotels must be incredibly optimistic!

Across the road from Boca Beach is a small grocery store. Milk, bread, tortillas and a lot of chips and sodas are sold at this store.

Close to the shore of the bay is a lone fisherman. This fisherman appears to have the entire bay to himself! I am going to have to figure out how to buy fish here at Boca Bay.
Lone fisherman

11AM - Incredible things
I've just finished breakfast [bowl of cereal], cleaned the kitchen, straightened up MsTioga. Now I'm outside under the ramada/palapa with MacBook Pro posting to you.

I'm thinking about the in incredible things that are part of my life. Of course MsTioga is a miracle. My home on wheels which is a highly developed way of living. But there is more! Our Sirius/XM Radio works marvelously and we are only 19° north of the equator!

We are connected to the fabulous internet by the wonderful infracture of TelMex/Telcel. And the miraculous development of the tiny WiFi USB stick. These are incredible things! Remember when we were using a huge antenna and HughesNet to get online? Wow! Telcel and the WiFi stick are soooooo much better!

I look around me at the beauty and peacefulness of this place. I am such a lucky guy!



Location: Boca Beach RV Campground
Elevation: 16 meters