Monday, September 03, 2012

Boarding Gate 6

5:45AM - Boarding Gate 6
It is clear that I do not understand immigration procedures. Both in the USA and Mexico. Sort of mystery to me. I just do what they tell me, and somehow get thru it all.

This morning I arrived at the American Airlines check-in counter at 4:45am. I was the first passenger in the waiting line. However, the check-in guy told me that I had to go to immigration first and then return for my ticket.

I did not understand why I needed to go to immigration, but I went anyway. I filled out a Mexican FMM document. Immigration stamped the FMM. Then I returned to American Airlines check-in for my boarding pass. The check-in guy took 1/2 of my FMM and gave me my boarding pass.

So, that is how I arrived at Boarding Gate 6 at 5:45am.  I am here at the boarding gate 45 minutes before actual boarding begins. One hour and 15 minutes before scheduled take-off.

Better hours early than 1 second late!

3PM - South Dakota
I've arrived at Americas Mailbox's little hotel in the suburb of Rapid City called, "Box Elder". I believe that Box Elder is a tree, and if this is correct, Box Elder is the wrong name for this place. There is not a tree in sight for about a mile!

The room is very nice. Has air conditioning, a nice big shower/tub and a free internet connection. Good thing there is an internet connection, because there is no phone in my room. I have a dinner date with RVers Bob Parker & Donna Huffer and used my internet connection to call them. They are picking me up at 6pm. Pretty neat, huh?

Plane flight
The airplane flight from León, Mexico to Rapid City, South Dakota went really well. Including the stop-over in Dallas, Texas, it took a total of 7-hours to get here. I love to fly. Also, I really like being in airports. So the whole experience was really a good one for me.

Partly cloudy