Monday, September 10, 2012

Brakes done

9AM - Waiting for brake job
MsTioga's brake job should be done by early this afternoon. In the meantime, we are hanging around our hotel room.

Remember the problems we had yesterday downloading the movie "Mean Streets?" This morning we got a free download manager that greatly speeds up downloading. Now we have "Mean Streets" completely downloaded. Pretty good, huh?

We are going over to the Holiday Inn for breakfast. Then will check the brake job progress over at the Ford dealer.

1PM - Checking out takes time
We are very impressed with the fast service received here at Ford in the city of León. Victor the service manager got us right into the shop last Friday. Right now I am waiting for Tioga's two head lamps to be changed. One lamp had the high beam burned out. And the other lamp was old and no longer very bright. So, we are changing both head lamps.

Checking out from service takes time. Longer than you would imagine. Everybody signs out on the work order. Jose Luis the mechanic signs out. Ulises my service advisor signs out. And finally, Victor the service manager signs out.

Then the completed paperwork goes to the cashier who must check everything over. After all of that, I get to pay. The total cost is almost 6000 pesos [$462US]. Less than the 7200 peso estimate!

6PM - Camping inside Ford
By the time the two headlights were replaced, it was 5:30pm. And by the time my bill was ready, it was 6pm. So, I decided to stay the nite inside Ford's service department. Too late now to go around looking for another Nite Camp.