Wednesday, September 12, 2012


10AM - Challenges
As you may know, I live alone inside MsTioga. However, thru the magic of computer technology, I am actually not alone. I am in direct contact with many persons during my day. Yes, that contact is mostly electronic. Very similar, it seems to me, to face-to-face contact.

Getting along with an other person in this electronic world, is every bit as much of a challenge as it would be if the person that I was talking with was just across the table. Well, perhaps with one big exception. In electronic communication, I have the option of clicking the "end" button.

11AM - Guadalajara like wheel spokes
Traveling in Mexico, for us on the TiogaRV Team, means going thru the great big City of Guadalajara. If you looked at a map of Mexico, you would perceive that we have to go thru Guadalajara in order to travel east or west. Like spokes of a wheel, all roads lead to the Guadalajara hub.

When we leave the City of San Juan de Los Lagos this morning, MsTioga will be going southwest toward Guadalajara. No way around. Except that we will take the periphery road and not go thru the center of this metropolis.

Probably take a couple days to actually get to Guadalajara from San Juan de Los Lagos.

2PM - Tepatitlán
We are thinking of spending the nite in the City of Tepatitlán and cruised slowly along the highway thru town looking for a restaurant. MsTioga was pretty much thru to the other end of town before we finally found a place that looked good.

When at our table in the restaurant, I first asked for totopos [chips]. It has been my experience that the quality of a restaurant in Mexico can most easily be learned by testing the totopos. You would be amazed at how many Mexican restaurants insist on serving old chips. At this restaurant, the chips are fresh!

I ordered grilled chicken.

Lite clouds


Location: City of Tepatitlán
Elevation: 1,760 meters