Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Do what I love

7AM - Doing what I love
I am here in South Dakota doing what I love to do. And just exactly what is it that I love doing?

In my hotel room is a large flat screen TV. Attached to that TV is a desk top computer. The computer is connected to the internet which means that the TV is also connected to the internet. I was messing around with the TV when I found out that there was a shortcut icon on the screen which when clicked turned into a map of Rapid City. When I was looking at that map, I noticed there there was a URL address line at the top of the screen. Wow! That was when it dawned on me that I was looking at an internet page.

I typed into that line the URL of what I call my "Online Newspaper". With my online newspaper on the screen I was able to go to all the places on the internet that are interesting to me. I tuned into YouTube and then to "Inside the Actors Studio". Man-O-Man!

And so that is what I have been doing here in Rapid City, South Dakota. I have been watching on the big screen TV actors being interviewed. This is what I love to do. You cannot imagine how turned on I am to watch all of these great actors revealing themselves to me. Just a most fantastic time for me.

In Mexico, I am not able to watch Inside the Actors Studio using my Telcel USB modem. Because I would use up all my online time too quickly. But here in my hotel room, with the super-fast internet connection, I have been able to watch dozens of movie stars telling all about how they began acting and revealing how they act.

This is doing what I love to do!

10AM - Return flight to Mexico
I've just made arrangements with RapidShuttle to pick me up at Americas Mailbox at 12:40pm. RapidShuttle assured me that this would be time enough to make my 1:50pm return flight to Mexico.

I will be arriving in León, Mexico at 10pm this evening with my new South Dakota driver's license in my wallet!
Americas Mailbox
RV campground at rear. Hotel rooms 2nd floor.

11PM - Back in León with MsTioga!
Our two airplane flights were fine, without any incidents. When we arrived at Hotel Fussion5, MsTioga was waiting patiently for us to return and she was in excellent condition.

Clear sky


Location: Fussion Hotel - City of León
Elevation: 1,796 meters