Sunday, September 23, 2012


9AM - Electricity
When I decided to re-install an air conditioner for MsTioga, this air conditioner was part of a plan which would change the way we live on the TiogaRV Team. Before A/C, we needed to time our travels so that we would always be in T-Shirt & Short Pants weather. This means weather that is not too hot and not too cold. It means, perfect weather.

But I am getting a little old for chasing around trying to always be in a perfect weather place. I wanted the comfort that A/C would bring. But using A/C means we need electric power. Yesterday, we could not find anyplace to rent us electric power. So, we suffered the heat which climbed to 102°F.  And the humidity which was terrible!

Today we must find that electricity, or suffer the consequences again

12 Noon - Hotel Marbella
I seem to comprehend from reading ShoutBox and emails, that some readers believe me to be a jerk for coming down to the beach at this time of year. I agree! I am a jerk. But I have always been a jerk. Maybe that is why you like reading my blog?  Hmmmmm?

NE way, I am staying at the Hotel Marbella to escape the heat and humidity. Tomorrow when the hotel manager returns to work, I plan to try and negotiate a space in the parking lot with electric power for MsTioga.

In the meantime, I have an air-conditioned room with a swimming pool right outside my room!

5PM - Life is a moving target!
Near the end of 2002 while I was still recovering from cancer, I decided that it was actually possible for me to own my own home again. In February, 2003, MsTioga became that home. Since that time, I've always done the very best for myself. Been the very best George that I could be!

But life is a moving target! Choices for the best, do not remain the best forever. If I know anything, I certainly know that. In 2007 I gave away my air conditioner and sold my 4000 watt generator.  Earlier this year, I bought a brand new air conditioner. I was and still am happy with these choices.

So, what does this boil down to? It means that the only real important thing is knowing what you want to do and why you want to do it. MsTioga and I are vagabonds. Our destiny is yearn to see what is around the next bend in the road. If we ever cease that yearning, our life will be over.

We came down from the mountain, because we wanted to be on the road again. So, it is hot here. Yes, it is humid here. But we are doing fine. Don't you see that we are doing fine? Hmmmm?

Partly cloudy