Sunday, September 30, 2012

Favorite icon

6AM - Favorite icon
A few years ago MsTioga and I got to thinking that our website deserved to have its own Favorite Icon. So, created one. Our favorite icon is a tiny "TG" image and it looks like this:

If you have your own website, you may have found that a person must be a fanatic about maintaining a website. We on the TiogaRV Team must constantly check that the pages of our website work with all three of the major browsers: Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Google's Chrome and Firefox.

A few days ago our friend Pete Olson posted in ShoutBox that our TG icon was not appearing in the tab of his browser. We checked out Pete's complaint and found that sure enough, our TG icon was not visible in the Firefox browser. Instead Blogger's favorite icon replaced our TG icon.

Ever since that day when Pete wrote about our missing TG icon, we have been working to get that favorite icon back. And this morning we did it!

Do you see our little in your browser?

7:30AM - MsTioga stuck fast in mud!
MsTioga is really stuck in the mud at Tacho's RV Park. I do not consider extracting MsTioga to be my responsibility since the staff directed me to park here.

So, we will be asking for Tacho's to supply a tow truck to get us out of the mud. What is your opinion? Should we bear this responsibility or is Tacho's RV Park responsible?

3PM - Tacho pull-out tomorrow
Tacho RV Park is going to use one of their vehicles to pull-out MsTioga from being stuck in the mud. That pull-out will happen tomorrow morning.

I agreed to camp at Tacho's for two days. The cost to stay here is 330 pesos/day [$25.41US].

Partly cloudy


Location: Tacho's RV Campground
Elevation: 18 meters