Saturday, September 29, 2012

Heading north

7AM - Heading north
This morning MsTioga and The Team will be pulling out from our camp at Boca Beach and heading north. We have been at Boca Beach for five days. And our time here has been mostly pleasant except for perhaps when the storm arrived. We had to stay inside during the storm.

At the beginning of the storm, MsTioga moved away from the beach in order to get away from strong wind. The many palm trees served as a wind-break, so we moved to the back of Boca Beach. Then came the rain and flooding. The storm did not knock out Boca Beach's electric power.

This morning the flooding remains, but the storm seems to have passed us by.

4:34PM - Tacho's in Puerto Vallarta
We are camping in Tacho's RV Park in Puerto Vallarta. Tacho's located on the same road where WalMart and Sam's Club are located.

When we backed into our camping space, MsTioga got stuck in the mud. There has been a lot of rain here. Hopefully, MsTioga will be able to drive out of the mud when it is time to leave!

7:30PM - Chinese, snacks, swimming pool
After we set-up at Tacho's, I walked over to a Chinese buffet across the street. Very good buffet. Food is fresh!

After eating, I went over to the WalMart and bought some snacks for tonite. Then returned to MsTioga and went for a dip into Tacho's swimming pool. Very nice!



Location: Tacho's RV Campground
Elevation: 18 meters