Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Heading west

We will never forget!

5AM - Heading west
We are up early. MsTioga and I have been thinking about today's trip. We are leaving the City of León and heading west. We are a bit early in the year for returning to the Pueblo of Aticama. But that return is exactly what is on our mind!

The cashier at Ford opens up for business at 8:30am. Right after paying our repair bill, we will head west.

Victor the service manager came to visit inside MsTioga yesterday evening. Victor looked around MsTioga, taking particular interest in our wall mounted pics. Also, he looked a long time at all the papers taped to Tioga's toilet door.

Victor told us that he was going to give us a discount on the brake job. Pretty neat, huh? I do not know how much that discount is, but will tell the details after paying the bill.

7AM - A different way of thinking
For years I have avoided mentally visiting bad times in my life. For example, I would not allow myself to imagine being at my son David's home. I just would not go there because I'd get too down doing that.

Lately, I've been watching Inside the Actors Studio, and listening to fine actors describe how they do their job.  It occurred to me that I could pretend that David is still alive, and then in my imagination visit his home.  I tried that this morning.

I pictured myself in front of David's home. The garage was open, and David walked out of the garage and smiled at me. "Hi, Dad!" And then he hugged me. Everything was the same as when David was alive. All the things in the garage were the same. The mailbox was the same. David brought the lawnmower out, and mowed his lawn. The same as I had seen him do so many times before.

I was not bummed out by this imagining. In fact, I felt really good. I wonder why I never thought about this way of thinking before? 

11AM - Lagos de Morenos
MsTioga stopped along the road to Lagos de Morenos for me to take a nap. Now that I'm refreshed, I'd like to tell you about the bill from Ford León. Before the discount from Victor the service manager, my bill was 6,820 pesos [$525US]. After the discount, the amount I actually paid was 5,410 pesos [$417US].

Considering all the work done on MsTioga, don't you feel that this is an excellent price for us? Hmmmmm?
Señoria Tioga at Ford

2PM - San Juan de Los Lagos
We have arrived in the City of San Juan de Los Lagos and have made a Day Camp on a small street. We may move to another location for our Nite Camp. Have to wait and see how things go here.

Note: A few minutes after making the 2pm post, I met the owner of the home next to MsTioga and asked permission to stay the nite? His name is Enrique. And he said yes. He offered for me to use his bathroom and asked if I needed anything.

It is only a formality to ask permission in Mexico. I've asked hundreds of times, and never been refused that I can recall.
TiogaRV Team in San Juan de Los Lagos

Light clouds


Location: City of San Juan de Los Lagos
Elevation: 1,718 meters