Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hot baths

8AM - Hot baths
The Chimulco hot baths are open 8am to 6pm. Right after we make this blog post to you, we are going over to soak!

I was talking to one of Chimulco's maintenance guys yesterday. He told me that the hot baths are filled with fresh water every morning, and emptied every evening. The hot water comes from naturally heated thermal pools. The water of the thermal pools is 39°C. The average depth of the hot baths appears to be about 1 meter. Because the heat of the baths is not maintained, the hot baths are the warmest early in the day.

Here again is the [link] to Chimulco's English website.

9:30AM - Hot pool pic
I soaked and played around in the hot pool for almost an hour. Then, New Mavicita captured a pic of the heated pool to share with you. There are only two pools filled at this time of year. The one in the pic below and another that is very shallow for children only.
Chimulco's big hot pool

10AM - Trailer Park only hot pool
There is a hot pool for trailer park guests only. However, that hot pool is only filled when there are 10 or more trailers in the park. The pool is filled late in the afternoon so that the water will be hot during the nite time when trailer park guests will be soaking there.

Pretty neat, huh?

12 Noon - Lunch
The little town of Villa Corona is close to Chimulco Park, but not that close for an easy walk. So, MsTioga broke camp and we drove to Villa Corona. After cruising up and down the highway, we chose Pollos El Profe, a BBQ chicken place that looked really good.

MsTioga had to park on the lateral road a short walk away from the restaurant. There are few places along the highway for MsTioga to remain.

I bought 1/2 BBQ pollo which arrived with rice and a salad. Really good! Including a soft drink, 65 pesos.
Chicken place where we ate
 Do you see the guys waving at us from inside the restaurant?

Partly cloudy


Location: Chimulco Campground
Elevation: 1,346 meters