Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hot tub tianguis

9AM - Hot tub then Tianguis
This morning we are giving another try to visit the Tianguis in nearby Villa Corona. But first thing is to go soak in the hot tub!

12 Noon - Nuts and juice
We have just returned to MsTioga who is parked across the highway from the Tianguis. I was interested in buying tacos, but none of the food at the taco stands attracted me. Instead I bought nuts and juice.

A 1/4 kilo pistachio nuts and a 1/4 kilo of sugar coated peanuts cost 80 pesos [$6US]. The icee stand looked good and I bought a medium strawberry icee for 17 pesos.

It is fascinating to me to see how people here put chili powder on everything! Chili on fruit. Chili on vegetables. Chili in juice and in the icee. On pizza!
Tianguis from the highway

Inside tianguis

3PM - Repairing stuff
We are back at Chimulco Park, and I've just had a nice long nap. Time to tell you about some stuff that fell apart.

I've had enough experience to know that everything falls apart and breaks. And after it is fixed, it will fall apart and break again. That is the destiny of everything. We on the TiogaRV Team are happy that so far, the things that break are not things like MsTioga's chassis rails!

NE way, a few days ago during our trip to Chimulco, a bunch of rattling noise started coming from above. I pulled MsTioga over and went up on the roof to see if something was loose up there. Everything on the roof was OK. What could be making all that rattling noise?

Opening up the cab-over cabinet, we found that a shelf-back had given way. Nearly everything on that shelf was now on the floor of the cab-over! Man-O-Man! Not an urgent fix. All the stuff now piled on the cab-over floor was not going anywhere. But this afternoon we decided to re-attach the shelf-back.

The decision was made to glue and screw the shelf-back into its place. But that meant that I would be setting the screws blind, because I had to drive the screws from the rear of the shelf while I was standing in front of the shelf. After giving this a go, with absolutely no success, it was decided to use "L" brackets to fasten the shelf-back. That worked!
Shelf-back repaired

  Partly cloudy


Location: Chimulco Campground
Elevation: 1,346 meters