Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Iguanas walk

9:30AM - Walking to Boca de Iguanas
This morning's walk is to the Boca de Iguanas resort. We want to explore over there, and find out if the rumors that Boca de Iguanas Resort is closed are true or not. The lady who runs the little grocery store across from Boca Beach tells us that the Iguanas Resort is open. We will find out for ourselves.

We like staying at Boca Beach. MsTioga is the only RV in the park. But that does not seem to bother us. In fact, we like that we are the only ones here. We also liked our week's stay at Chimulco Aquatic Park and there were hardly any RVs there either.

Our favorite sound is silence. Or maybe the sound of Mother Nature.

12 Noon - The straight scoop!
We just returned from our walk to find out what is going on in the Boca de Iguanas area. Apparently the hotel is open, but the RV campground is closed. The guard at the entrance to Boca de Iguanas told us that there was a complaint about the RV campground from the man who owns the hotel. Subsequently, the RV campground was closed.

At Boca Beach Resort where we are staying now, they have a reservation system which allows their customers to place a hold on a particular camp site. According to Aurora the manager of Boca Beach, many customers have been reserving space for over 20 years! During the prime months from October thru March, the cost of staying at Boca Beach includes a rental charge, a palapa charge and an electrical use fee.

Since MsTioga is staying here during a non-prime month, we are paying only the rental charge less a 20% discount. We pay no charge for Camp Site #6 which is right off the beach nor do we pay a palapa charge. This comes to 224 pesos/nite for MsTioga.

7PM - Fear
A little while ago a man began setting up a small tent. His name is Carlos and his location is a couple of sites away from MsTioga. Carlos was having trouble setting up his tent, and I went over there to help.

We got to talking about various things. Carlos is a lawyer who lives in Guadalajara. He looks to be in his early 60s. Carlos brought up the subject of danger in Mexico. And mentioned that it might be dangerous for him to camp in a tent here because there is little protection when sleeping in a tent.

When I hear stories about fear, I have be cautious not to let the infection that fear may bring to enter my mind.

Partly cloudy


Location: Boca Beach RV Campground
Elevation: 16 meters