Friday, September 14, 2012

Internet roaming

6AM - Internet roaming charges
I never understood that Telel charges internet customers for roaming! I did notice that since I left the State of Queretaro that my internet balance began being consumed at an alarming rate. But it did not come to my mind that this consumption was due to roaming.

Then I began to see Moviestar billboards along the highway which advertised internet without roaming. Moviestar is a competitor of Telcel.

Does anybody know how I may get my Telcel number changed so that I have a local internet connection?

10AM - Staying at Chimulco
Our first day at Chimulco has been like having our own private park. Nobody else is camping here at this time of year. It is soooooo quiet during the nite. You would not believe!

About 50 meters away from MsTioga is a room with a washing machine and gas dryer. The use of this lavanderia is free! Marta, the lady whose job it is to take care of the buildings at this end of the park, showed me how to use the washer and dryer. Marta also introduced me to a small black cat named, Erica. She is a very friendly cat and likes to rub up against my legs.

There is a Wireless Internet Zone next to the park's office. This WiFi is strong and seems to be fast too. The WiFi is only available in this location, and does not reach to MsTioga at the opposite end of the park

After I make this post, I am going to pay a week's rent in order to remain at Chimulco. The cost is 1,570 pesos/week [$121US].
Jorge and MacBook computer
Hiding behind tree in WiFi Zone

6PM - Busy times at Chimulco
It is very pleasant for me here at Chimulco Aquatic Park. I wondered why more people are not coming here, and asked one of the men maintaining the hot pools about that.

He told me that their busy times are when Mexico's schools are on vacation. July and August are very busy for Chimulco. However, the RV park is very busy during the winter time, when it is cold in the United States and Canada.

We on the TiogaRV Team are very happy being here this September. No crowds. Pretty quiet almost all day long. And very quiet at nite.

Our favorite sound is very quiet.

Partly cloudy


Location: Chimulco Campground
Elevation: 1,346 meters