Monday, September 24, 2012

Leaving Manzanillo

6AM - Leaving Manzanillo
It may seem odd, but the main reason that I'm in Manzanillo is to dine at Señor Sushi. And guess what? Señor Sushi is closed for remodeling! Darn!

When I first visited Señor Sushi on the day arriving in Manzanillo, I had thought that they told me the restaurant was closed for a private party. But I misunderstood. When I returned the next day, I was told the restaurant was closed for remodeling. So, there is no reason to remain in Manzanillo.

We will head north this morning, looking for RV campgrounds near Melaque.

8AM - Blogging is therapy
Did you note that in yesterday's blog post, "12 Noon - Hotel Marbella", that I had a little snit?

After I make a post where I behave in a way that I do not wish to behave, re-reading that post is therapy for me. What a gift blogging is for me!

1PM - Boca Beach RV Campground
MsTioga just finished setting up at Site #6 at Boca Beach. We checked out the electric voltage. 125 volts AC. MsTioga is the only RV camping here right now!

We have not paid any money yet and will report here what the cost is. The lady who greeted us speaks pretty good English. She mentioned that electricity is extra and the cost of electric power depends on how much we use.  But we do not know about that! Seems like a negotiating ploy. How do they know how much electricity is used at each site?

2PM - Electric meters at Boca Beach
Aurora is the lady managing Boca Beach. I asked Aurora to show me the electric meters. And guess what? There is an entire bank of electric meters. One for each camp site! No negotiating ploy!

The daily cost for our camp site is 224 pesos [$17.24US] plus electric power. Not a bad price for a beach side location as lovely as this one!

We have a hunch that that Camp site #6 is likely reserved for the winter months when the demand for space here may be extreme.
MsTioga at Site #6-Boca Beach

3PM - Air conditioning not needed today!
Well, are we surprised! There is a constant offshore breeze here at Site #6 of Boca Beach. And that breeze provides the feeling of low humidity.

We turned the air conditioning off about an hour ago, and do not feel the need for A/C at this time. Isn't that something?
Jorge at Boca Beach

7:30PM - Sundown for the hunter
The sun is setting behind the hills to the west of the bay. But the bird in front of our camp site will not quit hunting. This bird has a very successful strategy for finding food.

When the tide is in, the bird searches the shallow water. And then the bird strikes! Some of the bird's catches are large. We are able to see them from our place on the beach. But most are small.
The hunting bird

Lots of clouds


Location: Boca Beach RV Campground
Elevation: 16 meters