Sunday, September 02, 2012

Life changes

8AM - Life's changes
A reader sent an email offering many places that I could go and visit. What this reader suggested was that I was wasting my time hanging around in towns in Mexico. I cannot disagree with this reader. Because he is likely much younger than I am now. When I was younger I felt the same.

It is strange how life's changes creep up on me when I am not aware. Because I used to feel guilty when I sat around enjoying life inside MsTioga. I used to believe that being on-the-road was the place to be. Now, things are sooooo different. I feel gratitude having a wonderful home like MsTioga. A home with windows from which I see the outside world. A home where I am protected from the weather.

My life! I love it so!

10AM - Flight bag
The flight bag was just removed from its storage place behind one of Tioga's living room chairs. During the day, I am going to load up the flight bag with the stuff for tomorrow's flight to South Dakota. This is an international flight and I want to arrive at the airport at least two hours before the 7am takeoff.

I've arranged with the hotel to have a taxi come for me at 4:30am tomorrow. It is only a 15 minute drive from the hotel to the airport. Do you remember my flight from Mexico City to Los Angeles a few months ago? I tried to play my arrival at the airport much closer for that flight and I nearly was left behind! No more of that kind of thing from now on!
Fight bag ready for loading

11AM - Clint Eastwood at the convention
I just watched Clint Eastwood's stand-up comedy at the Republian convention. Made my day!

Blue sky


Location: Fussion Hotel - City of León
Elevation: 1,796 meters