Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Long term camping

10AM - Long term camping
As MsTioga and I approach an entire week of camping at the Chimulco Aquatic Park, it occurs to us that Chimulco makes an excellent candidate for long term camping.

The RV Park section is luxuriant with trees and grass. What a gorgeous place to camp! Right now there are only two other RVs here. Makes for a very quiet and peaceful place. And the cost is very low. Less than $500US/month at the weekly rate. Not bad!

The town of Villa Corona is very close to Chimulco. So far when we visited Villa Corona, we have driven MsTioga to get there. But the town is close enough to walk.

Are we on the TiogaRV Team actually thinking about long term camping at Chimulco? Probably not. After all, we are vagabonds. We yearn to see what is going on at Aticama, Manzanillo and Maruata!
Chimulco RV Park

10:30AM - ShoutBox questions
We wish to answer some ShoutBox questions:

  • The tarp: This is actually the folded flag that was presented to my Mother at my Uncle Joe's funeral. Uncle Joe is a World War 2 veteran. He wanted to be buried at the Veteran's Cemetery at the Presidio of San Francisco. When my Mother died, that flag was passed on to me. The flag resides on top of the cab-over cabinet.
  • The forward vent: I had the forward vent fiberglassed closed while MsTioga was at Panchito's Body Shop earlier this year. I moved three solar panels over that vent.
  • Cab-over windows: If you would look at pics of MsTioga before 2007, you would see three cabover windows. These widows had no function since the installation of our cab-over cabinets. So, I had these widows removed and the window holes were fiberglassed closed.

1PM - The best of the best!
As you may know, my heart and soul are captivated by actors and performances. There are so many fantastic performances. But there are some performances which are so grand, to eclipse all other performances.

"Les Miserables", in my opinion, is way up there among the best of the best. Les Miserables contains the most emotionally grabbing song that I have ever heard, "I Dreamed A Dream". And that song has one line that really pulls at my heart strings, "And there are storms we cannot weather!"

Lea Salonga has performed in Les Miserables many times, many years. But there is one performance where Lea Salonga portrays Fantine with such emotion, that it is impossible for me to view it without the tears flowing.

2PM - Last full day on Earth
Today marks the 2nd anniversary of my Son David's last full day on Earth. On that Sunday, David and his Mom went to the Greek Festival in the City of Concord, California. They were having a wonderful time when that moment came and everything after turned terribly wrong.

Sweet dreams, David!

Blue sky


Location: Chimulco Campground
Elevation: 1,346 meters