Saturday, September 22, 2012


10AM - Mr. Sushi
We headed out of Autlán around 8am. We are wanting to go to the City of Manzanillo and eat at Mr. Sushi! Love that place!

We traveled thru a mountainous section for almost two hours. The highway thru the mountains was very winding and we had to pull over many times to let faster drivers pass.  Now we are [here] and pulled off the highway in a small pueblo to let you know what is going on.

3PM - Manzanillo
We arrived in Manzanillo and drove right away to Mr. Sushi. But the restaurant is closed today for a private party! Wow! So, we are inside MsTioga and eating chicken tacos for lunch.

The temperature on our outside thermometer reads 102°F. Can that be right? It does not feel that warm. It is, however, very humid!

5PM - No electricity
We looked all over Manzanillo for a place where we could buy electric power. No takers! Looks as though I will have to tough it out tonite and head north tomorrow looking for RV campgrounds. I do not want to take a chance on going south to Maruata and then finding out that there is no electricity there either.

Lots of clouds


Location: City of Manzanillo
Elevation: 16 meters