Sunday, September 09, 2012

Next bend in the river

4AM - Next bend in the river
During the 1970s and 80s, I ran the rivers of California and southwest Oregon. Kayaking and rowing a raft was a great time, filled with excitement. But, it was camping alongside those rivers that was for me, the greatest joy.

How does a river runner know when they have arrived at a wonderful camp? When you have found a wonderful camp and then drifted downstream in search of an even better camp, what then?

Lately, my times running rivers have returned to mind. I am no longer running rivers. Now I am camping in Mexico. I have found wonderful camps here in Mexico. But in my mind's eye, I wonder what is around the next bend in the river. In my case, it is actually now, "The next bend in the road."

The reason that I am writing about "The next bend in the river" is because lately I have found myself searching online for places to go. Not in Mexico. But in foreign countries. For example: Spain. All of Europe. China. Japan.

But then it comes to my mind, that I am already living the wonderful life. Spending my summers in Tequisquiapan. And my winters in Aticama.

Why do I want to keep searching for my paradise, when I have already found it?

11AM - Mean Streets
Just around the corner from Hotel All Rich where I am staying, is the Hotel Holiday Inn. I am eating breakfast in Holday Inn's restaurant in order to use their WiFi. I have WiFi at Hotel All Rich. But the All Rich WiFi does not allow me a complete download of the Martin Scorsese movie, "Mean Streets".  I am hoping that I get a complete download of Mean Streets using WiFi at the restaurant.

So far, I've downloaded only 15% of the 600mb for this movie. Have you seen "Mean Streets?" Starring Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro?

If I could get a WiFi connection at Hotel All Rich that would allow me to download complete movies, I would be sooooooo delighted!

PS: The Mean Streets download just ended with only 35% of the movie on my computer. Bummer!

2PM - Movies and actors
If you have been following my blog for a long time, you may know that I believe that my major purpose in life is to know myself completely. Now as I approach the completion of my 75th year, it seems to me that I have had some success in achieving this goal.

However, I know myself only in bits and pieces. I know myself thru my values and goals. I know myself thru how I wish to behave and relate toward others. I do not know myself the way excellent actors know themselves. Because to me, the way actors being interviewed on Inside the Actors Studio know themselves is a mystery!

That is why I am so completely captivated by "Inside the Actors Studio". I admit to you that I can watch Inside the Actors Studio endlessly. And watch the same actor over and over.

How do they do it? These marvelous people. How do they get to know themselves so well that they are able to use their own experiences to perform as actors. When I try to get to the root of myself, as these actors get to the root of themselves, it is all cloudy and misty.

I suspect that I just do not have the intellectual horsepower. Or maybe more accurately, I do not possess the talent. I am, however, happy with what I have achieved. Maybe that is enough for me?

Partly cloudy