Thursday, September 27, 2012


9AM - Pics
Do you remember Angel and Del who built a palapa at El Chaco? An email arrived telling that our Boca Beach campsite was Angel's favorite camping place. Angel asked that we publish more pics so that she could see how things are here.

So, right after we publish this blog post, New Mavicita and I are going out to take a bunch of pics.

Boca de Iguanas RV camp
(Now closed)

Boca Beach entrance

House above Boca de Iguanas

Hotel Bocas de Iguanas

Recharging Telcel modem stick
This morning a message arrived from Telcel that our WiFi service had run out of time. It is necessary to recharge in order to go online.

Fortunately, we now have a BofA credit card and are able to go on to the Telcel site to buy more WiFi time. We used to always go to an Oxxo store to do this recharging. But there is no Oxxo near Boca Beach.

4PM - Very windy
The wind has been strong for several hours. Is there a storm off the Mexican Pacific Coast? I cannot see a storm in the online weather maps?

5PM - Wind made us move!
Wind coming in from the bay got strong. The wind driven sand stung my skin. So, MsTioga moved away from the beach about 100 meters.

This move made a huge difference. The palm trees are barely moving at our new camp site towards the rear of Boca Beach.

  Lots of clouds


Location: Boca Beach RV Campground
Elevation: 16 meters