Saturday, September 08, 2012

Rear brakes bad

8AM - Rear brakes bad
Late yesterday afternoon while eating supper at a Chinese restaurant in León, my cell phone began to ring. It was Ulises, the service manager from the Ford dealer.

Ulises told me that they had found out that the right rear brake assembly is the problem. A bracket in the brake mechanism was slightly cracked. The brake cylinder was leaking. The brake drum was too worn, and needed replacement. The brake shoes were now contaminated with brake fluid and needed replacement.

The mechanic had pulled apart the master cylinder and the brake booster and found that these two brake components did not cause MsTioga's brake fluid leak. Only the right rear brakes caused the leak.

I do not know why the leaking brake fluid from the right rear brakes could not be seen. Not only I could not see any sign of leaking fluid. The service manager at Ford could not see any sign of leaking fluid either.

After the Ford mechanic pulled apart the master cylinder from the brake booster and could find no leak, he pulled apart both rear brakes and found the problems described above in the right rear brakes.

The cost of doing this work is 7,250 pesos [$558US].

1PM - Booked another day at Hotel
I've just booked another day's stay at Hotel All Rich. It appears that MsTioga will not be ready to depart Ford today. Monday afternoon seems more likely for completion of the brake repairs.

In addition to what I described above as work being done on MsTioga, the mechanic checked the left side rear brakes. The shoes in those brakes are being replaced also. There may be additional repairs to the left rear brakes once the mechanic begins to work on them.

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