Friday, September 07, 2012

Refrigerator off

5AM - Refrigerator off
We keep bottled water in the refrigerator to have cold water to drink. I got up a little while ago and went for a drink. The water was not cold! The fridge thermometer read 61°F!

Man-O-Man! So now I have three things that don't work. Bad brakes. A turn signal that is intermittently shorting out. And now a fridge that did not stay cold.

I checked to make sure that there was propane gas. The gauge read half-a-tank, so we have plenty of propane. Maybe the fridge burned itself up? So I took off the cover plate to the fridge burner. There was no white residue which is visible when the cooling unit burns up. I watched the burner attempt to start. It appeared as though there was no propane gas going to the burner! To check the gas, I tried to start Tioga's kitchen stove, and there was no gas going to the burner!

MsTioga has a solenoid valve that opens allowing propane gas to flow. I touched that solenoid, and it felt cold. That meant that there was no power going to the solenoid. That was when I remembered those two disconnected wires that I found yesterday when checking for the turn signal failure.

Opening up the engine compartment, I found those two wires. One wire appeared to have a broken connector. Looking around the house battery, I found the other part of that broken connector attached to the negative terminal of Tioga's house battery. When I connected the broken wire to the battery, I heard the propane gas solenoid click!!

Now the refrigerator is working again. As Forest Gump would say, "One less thing!"

6AM - Turn signal short update
Just to let you know, the turn signal electric circuit has not blown its 15 amp fuse since I wrote to you about that yesterday afternoon. Somehow I am thinking that the fuse blowing had something to do with the propane tank's solenoid valve. But I have not checked that out yet. It is too early in the morning to do more checking work. I am going back to bed!

9AM - Going to the Ford shop
In half an hour, MsTioga will drive around the block and enter the Ford shop in order to repair her brake problem.

11AM - Eating lunch at restaurant
MsTioga is now inside the shop. A mechanic is beginning to do the work. Victor, the general manager of this Ford dealer, has taken a personal interest in MsTioga. Perhaps because we are an unusual customer?

It will likely be three days before MsTioga is able to leave the Ford shop. So, we have obtained a room at the All Rich Hotel. We camped last nite in front of the All Rich Hotel. If you click on our location, you will know where we are staying.

The Ford dealer is located in a commercial area with many stores and plazas. We have walked several blocks from Ford and found an open-air restaurant to eat lunch. I ordered fried fish

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